Monday, August 11, 2014

WEEK FIVE: mike mike mike guess what day it is!

If you don't understand my subject line, I invite you to Google Hump Day. Because it's hilarious. 

And it is prevalent to my week because Tuesday marked one month till we leave, Thursday was our half way day, aka, HUMP DAYYYYY and Saturday marked one month AT the MTC. So yah, lots of events!!!

 Before I go into detail about my hump day celebration, I'll just say a few cool things that happened. Well my teacher Ge Jiemei got engaged WOOHOOO!!! She's so awesome. 
I also heard an awesome joke:
I love rain a lot!
Wet tag

Who was the first prophet to go through the MTC? MOSES.
(Get it?? Empty Sea!!)

It rained this week. I love rain a lot. Oh, and I have been meeting my goal of memorizing 50 Chinese words a day!! It's the hardest thing ever but it will help so much!

New callings were assigned yesterday. I got released from Music Coordinator. The Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, and Sacrament Coordinators are ALL from my district. District A REPRESENT!!!!

Some not cool things that happened:
Sorella Decker left me to go to Italy on Tuesday. Who does she think she is? A missionary or something? Also, we blew a fuse in our room on Tuesday and STILL haven't fixed it!!!! So yah blow-drying my hair in the hall is SUPER fun let me tell you.

My BYU Roommate, Nicole! 

Best Friends!

Something hard this week:
We pinky-promised our TEACHER that we would not speak English for the rest of the day. Well we promised that we wouldn't for the rest of the time, but that's literally impossible so now we just SYL as much as possible. (Speak Your Language) So none of us for the rest of that day spoke a word of English! Our teacher gave us whiteboards and told us to write on it if we didn't know the Chinese word. It was INSANE but awesome. So that is gonna be one of my goals, to SYL it up!

Ok so highlights of my week:

     Hosting. 2nd time hosting was a blast!!! I got 6 sisters all sweethearts and so excited! I didn't get any super teary crying families so that wasn't awkward. I was in a few pictures though! Someone's suitcase ripped my skirt so that wasn't a highlight, and neither was the heat, but the rest of it was so fun!! We aren't hosting this next week, which I HOPE means that we host the 20th which is when new Mandarins come in!!! Everyone at the MTC knows that Mandarins are taking over sooooo yah. Shout out to Isaac Wu who comes in on the 20th! 

      Oh and I got to host a sister who was going to Canada and I took her to her room and her roommate was Claire Gammon from BYU 49th ward! So that was cool. 

     HUMP DAY!!! So my parents are pretty much DA BEST and sent me a Halfway Day package with Martinelli's in it!!!! Some other sisters had food and someone got brownies so we just had the most fun time ever collecting all of our terribly unhealthy junk food and pigging out!!!! But yah, we partied pretty hard considering we are in the MTC. J

Devotional last night. It was incredible! At first I was disappointed because it was the same speaker we had had before. He came in saying he really didn't know how he was gonna talk to us. But he had all those who were converts over the age of 17 when converted stand up and called two people down.  Sister Wettington going to Netherlands and Elder Allred going to Mexico. Their stories were amazing about how they came to know God and didn't know Him before they encountered the church. The speaker showed us how there are people that we need to touch and who are prepared to come in contact with us. But we need to be worthy of that guidance. Then we watched a video called "The True Story of Todd Sylvester." watch it. It is amazing.

Happy Birthday if it's anyone's birthday this week. 

15 missionaries are leaving tomorrow. THEN WE WILL BE THE OLDEST DISTRICT WHAT. No, I'm not freaking out. 

Shout out to Sierra Brooks...who is ALMOST A MISSIONARY. Wish I coulda been at your farewell babe.  

Go look up on Youtube "Go the Distance (with LDS quotes)". I cried.
Watch the video "Come Unto Christ." The video is amazing and the song is beautiful. We're going to sing it in church the week before we leave. It's amazing. 

Some of my goals for this week include recognizing where all of my blessings come from...God. And also recognizing the smallest blessings. I am also working on being humble because when I am humble, it's easier for me to be taught and soak up the language like I need to. 

Well, I feel like I coulda shared a lot more today but my thoughts are so chaotic. Even so, I hope that you like this email and get something out of it.

I love you all very, very much!!
 -Ren Jiemei 

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