Tuesday, January 5, 2016

NEW YEAR, How's it feel?

Our cute little recent convert group, all priesthood holders! 
Plus Xie Dixiong who is getting baptized next week:)


Happiest pictures ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jerry, Duncan and JJ!

And Debbie and Belle and Pan Dixiong visiting me at the temple!!

Me and JJ!!!!!

Pretty much this week was great, as usual:)

Missionary Leadership Council was amazing as usual. This was my 4th and last one:( I got to see my trainee there though!!!!!!! Sister Haupt is now a Sister Training leader, how cool is that??? 他太厲害了!

Sister Haupt and me (my trainee)

謝偉傑 is all set to get baptized on January 16th!! He stopped drinking coffee on January 1st, came to the temple to do temple square tours on January 2nd, came to church and paid fast offerings and the New Member Fireside on January 3rd!!!!!!! He personally told the bishop he was ready to be baptized on the 16th. He is SO EXCITED and in it for life, he always prays that he can endure to the end:) We found out this week that he is actually an orphan and that he was abused in his foster home, and that despite all of the dark experiences he has had, he felt God leading him through it all, but only realized it was God since we taught him prayer. He is amazing. He is excited to teach his son the gospel too, he's 9:) Pray that his wife starts to meet with us!!

陳蕾 is the woman who walked into church after it ended last week. She came right on time yesterday wearing a beautiful dress, she participated in the lessons and said she really wants to become a part of Heavenly Father's church. Problem is, she believes that she has already accepted Buddhism, so there's no way to accept anything else. Even though she doesn't believe in Buddhist gods...I don't know, it makes sense in her head. We will teach her:) She actually drove us up the mountain last night to meet her mom and make dumplings at her house:) Her mom is 80 and doesn't speak Chinese, only Taiwanese, but she is so spunky and adorable!! No one will love Taiwanese amas as much as me. 

Spunky 80-year old ama!

I went on exchanges with Sister Nau this week!! She is awesomeeeeeeee haha she knows some people from Henderson when she lived there, and she also lived in Florida. She is my inner black counterpart and it's great. I love her:)

Me and Sis. Nau

SATURDAY WAS SO AMAZING. We went to the temple and did Temple Square tours!!!!!!!!!
Jerry and Duncan and 潘弟兄 and JJ and Debbie and Belle ALL CAME TO SEE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was literally the happiest thing in the world because they are all super active in the gospel. Duncan is the secretary for the bishopric, and Pan Dixiong has started going to the temple a lot and taking the Gospel Doctrine class and Jerry is just....so awesome, I can't even describe the spiritual power that radiates from him. I am SO blessed to have so many awesome friends:) 

JJ leaves on her mission January 12th to Temple Square in Salt Lake City!!!!!!! So I am glad I got to see her one last time <333 Debbie wants to come to Las Vegas to see me, so that's cool too. I can't believe all of these amazing people haven't even been baptized over 3 years!!!!!

Another cool miracle on Saturday, Sister Facer and I were determined to find someone who lived in Beitou....super rare, kinda just begging for a miracle. We found a lady who was interested in coming in for a tour....at the end we asked her where she lived...GuanDu, the farthest end of our area wooooooooooo!!!:) So cool of a miracle. We also got to teach a man from China who walked in off the street. He doesn't really have a home, always traveling, so he will have to earnestly find the church himself. But at the end of the tour, I invited him to offer a kneeling prayer and talk to Heavenly Father. It was SO COOL. People from China are so ready for the gospel, even though this man was a bit confused since this was his first taste of religion. 

Last night was the New Member Fireside, Chen Hui Mu spoke, and he is SO cute, just bearing testimony of how we need to be pure and thats why he gave up 40 years of smoking. Love it. He shared with me afterwards that he knows he is pure because even his nose hairs grow white now. He is such a special man:)

Happy New Year!

New Years....nope nothing. I woke my companion up at 11:58 pm and we took a picture. That was it. Haha:) Oh yah...we went to the official poop restaurant last Monday, called Modern Toilet. The tables are bathtubs, the waiters wear bathrobes, the seats are toilets, and all the food is served in a toilet or something else you would find in a bathroom. Quite appetizing. 

I hope you all take some time to make some resolutions, some goal that will help you progress as an individual and help bring you CLOSER TO JESUS CHRIST. I love it:) My current goal: teach repentance and baptize converts <3

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)

Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹

Ice cream in a toilet...our adventure at the poop themed restaurant, "Modern Toilet"

It's a sink...I promise! 

You always knew I was an angel, right? 

At Modern Toilet. Can you see that the drink cups are urinals? 

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