Monday, January 11, 2016

It's been 18 months...

Well my dearest family and friends, I have been a missionary for 18 months AND STILL GOING STRONG!!!! I can't tell you how exhilarating it is to STILL be a missionary...I love it:)

 18 months and still loving it!

 18 months and still going strong!

A happy yellow wall!

We met an 18 year old from Michigan on the MRT this past week on exchanges with Sister Torres-Ortiz. His name is Kenton Loux. He says he has changed alot because of Christ, and has sees lots of other people change because of Christ, so he wants to study to be a pastor as his profession. We told him that what we do all day everyday is help people change because of Christ, and we would like to meet to share more. So we met with him and I TAUGHT THE RESTORATION IN ENGLISH. It was the hardest thing ever, I practiced for 40 minutes that morning. It really paid off because it went great and he said he wants to get baptized SO bad, so he will think and pray about the date we extended of February 13th. SO COOL. We walked with him to church on Sunday and I translated since it was all in Chinese. He speaks Chinese but it was church vocabulary! Then at the end...we find out he lives in TianMu. But he is still willing to learn, SO I am so excited and I know he will be baptized and serve a mission:) SUCH a miracle. 

We also went on exchanges with Sister Lindsay!!!! So now that the policy has changed and all 4 sisters proselyte in OUR area, we have been seeing CRAZY miracles and lots of cool people willing to get baptized! Sister Lindsay is a fireball and SO good at following the Spirit.

We reset a baptismal date with Chantelle, she is SO awesome and says she is excited to genuinely repent. Which is good since she told us last Sunday she didn't come to church because she was drunk HA.  

Other miracles: we met with a member's less active son, Deng Dixiong. I shared scriptures that came to my mind from the Spirit and he said I helped answer some of his questions. He hasn't come to church in probably 8 years or so I'm guessing, all of his own choice. When he walked into sacrament on Sunday, EVERYONE'S head turned. I told him welcome and he said "It's because of you!" It's not, it's because of God. He prepares people to come home:)

Our golden platinum all-star investigator Xie Dixiong...he can't get baptized. Without sharing too much personal information, basically him and his wife had to get divorced for legal, financial reasons about 3 years ago. So although they love each other and are still raising a family together, they are not lawfully married. He told us this 2 days before his baptismal interview. Finding out he couldn't get baptized was REALLY hard for him. He owes some serious debt that still might take a long time to pay off, and only once it is paid off can they get remarried. So as of right now...he doesn't want to meet with us, he wants to let his emotions get back in order. He said he will continue to read and pray everyday and repent because he finally knows his Father in Heaven. He says he will continue to prepare for the day when he can finally be baptized. It was heart-breaking, but he says that he trusts in God's plan. So yah. that's that.

We also found a cute lady from the Philippines, Louiela. I told her we had church, and she said she was Christian, she hadn't been to church in so long. We left in the middle of church to go get her and walk up with her, she was SO grateful saying " I just need to worship." She gets 2 hours off work a week, from 10:30 to 12:30. She said we were angels and God is a God of miracles:)

Well, this week was awesome. Sister Facer and I are besties. We trained on TEACHING REPENTANCE AND BAPTIZING CONVERTS in zone meeting this past week and now that that is our common focus, everything has just fallen into place for us. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY AND THAT'S ALL. 

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹

Kenton and Louiela and Deng Dixiong

 Splits with Sister Lindsay and Sister Xiao!

 We went to Jin Jiemei's celestial kingdom big deal

Mac & Cheese! 

as sister training leaders, we also have to be carpenters and install stuff together

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