Monday, January 12, 2015

WEEK 26: 龜山4eva

The "hang loose" sign actually means "six" in Taiwan! Six months out!
Sister 彭 gave Sister Branch and I the biggest compliment this week, that we are like Elder Strong from the talk "Fear Not, I am With Thee" by President Uchtdorf. Basically this theoretical Elder Strong is awesome and fears no man and trusts God and brings miracles. 

Also Sister Branch said to me this week: "Your testimony is so strong, anyone can see that" I have been focusing on bearing my testimony even more and more powerfully and it seems to make a difference, remembering that I know these things are true that I am teaching. Sister 彭 also says that I bring the Spirit when I teach...I just feel like I fumble over my Chinese and don't say things right. So my companion thinks that about me...which I never see in myself, so maybe I just need to live up to that expectation! 

So I am going to work on seeing the abilities I DO have and appreciating what Heavenly Father has blessed me with even if it's hard to see it.

We are going to Yingge today to look at an Alice In Wonderland park type place and make pottery...and we are WEARING PANTS WOOHOO!! 


Jerry finished all of his after-baptism lessons and is going to the temple this week.
Tri-panionships are crazy.
I currently have a cold. Not fun.

This week held A LOT of miracles...mostly in 彭姐妹's area because we spent most of our time there! Lots of miracle investigators and so many copies of the Book of Mormon passed out. And whenever we spent time here in 龜山...we got lots and lots of doors slammed in our faces and lots and lots of people not answering. But we did see miracles with the people we do have!! We have this new investigator Lu David, the motorcycle man. He came to church and came to the baptism and told us that he is ready to progress, but is leaving it up to God's timing. OK GOLDEN. And we ran into his mom while knocking doors and gave her a chuandan and he said she gave it to him!! Haha wow awesome. He was praying during sacrament and said that he's been having reoccurring dreams thathe is at the door of the personal thought is that he needs to enter the gate of BAPTISM!!

So the 龜山Elders had a baptism this week, and it counted for us because they have 3 baptisms this month and want to split it evenly throughout the ward...what angels. So at the baptism...WE HAVE 4 INVESTIGATORS

THERE!! The 賴Jiemei that we have been teaching came with her amazing friend 張筠. 張 cried the entire time and said she felt the spirit the whole time and asked why she cried when she saw the baptismal water...I told her because God wants her to know she needs to get baptized!! Only after the baptism did we find out that she only feels the spirit when she thinks of God and not Jesus Christ because she doesn't know anything about we'll work on that. We also had 何WeiWei there, a Malaysian who wants to get baptized before she goes home in February! So we will see about that. 

The baptism was for Man Dixiong and he is incredible. This was the most spiritual baptism I've ever been to because of our investigators there and the testimonies born. Another really spiritual experience this week was the funeral for ChenWei's ex-husband. We sang "God Be With You TIl We Meet Again" and it was amazing to share this message of that we will all see our deceased loved ones again with his non-member family members!

I ate 臭豆腐...stinky tofu!!!!! I promised myself when I was in China that I would never eat it...but its actually SO good!!! :)

We taught a less-active member a lesson in an old folk's home this we are teaching her in a room full of 8 SUPER old people just laying there either sleeping or staring at us or making terrible groaning and coughing was super fun. And creepy. Bless their hearts.

Our bathroom curse is BACK. I was showering in freezing cold water when the lights went off. So I asked one of my companions to turn it back on and it didn't work. The power on the entire right side of our apartment went off, including the bathroom!! So my freezing cold dark shower was a lot like I imagine the opposite of heaven will be like!! But we had our landlord come to our apartment this morning and fix the lights...and hopefully the water will decide to work. I hope these upcoming transfers bring good luck to our apartment!!

I am terrified for these upcoming transfers, mostly because I am afraid my next companion will not be nearly as amazing as sister branch and will not be patient with all of my many faults and I will not even have that person to lean on. But I am learning more and more to trust God. I can do literally nothing about these upcoming transfers, so why worry about trying to change anything? I can only trust and pray to feel prepared and not scared. 

So I am learning to do that and seeing what I can learn from amazing Sister Branch in these last few days together. I am so grateful to our Heavenly Father for blessing me with her. I don't know what I did to deserve it, but I am eternally grateful. Whatever this next transfer brings....Heavenly Father has a plan that will help me become who He needs me to be and I only hope that I can see it.

Please pray for our 桃一 ward. A lot of people have passed away recently and a lot of people have been getting sick and needing surgeries and stuff like that...our ward members are all angels and I'm sure they would all love if they were receiving prays from America:)

Well I love you all and wish you the best of weeks. I hope all of your New Years resolutions are to build your testimonies even stronger:)

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹
 ice cream plus 摩爾門經 

selfie while riding a bike...sorry mom and dad.

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