Sunday, January 17, 2016

We Spent the Whole Week in Our Raincoats

Another stormy week this week!!! It rains so much here and I'm so used to it that I forget to mention things like this in my email to you people!! We practically lived in our raincoats. :)

This is a giant pile of recycling and trash, many of which exist everywhere in Taiwan. This is my "I am here to clean up the garbage in the souls of mankind" face

Of course this week was amazing, but most of it was finding and finding and knocking and contacting and more proselyting. There are so many people here in Beitou, and GuanDu, but most of them did not want to talk to us this week haha. :)

I went on exchanges with Sister Ioane from Tuvalu, a tiny island by Tonga. She is amazing. We saw a cool miracle where a lady came up to us and started talking, she had been contacted by the elders in DanShui (right next to our area) about a month earlier!! We spent the whole day street contacting in the rain except for one lesson with ChenLei, a self contact. She loves God, believes that Christ is her Savior, loves everything we teach about and believes its real. BUT she is "Buddhist". Even when we tell her that those gods don't exist, she accepts it. But in her mind (which is a little strange sometimes) she can't get around the fact that she is "married to Buddha" and has no reason to "divorce" him, so she can't be baptized. *sigh* I love Taiwanese people, :)

I went to the physical therapist last Tuesday, she relaxed all the muscles in my back and taped my muscles into position of good posture. IT HURT SO BAD. I have had impeccable posture, but it hurt so bad. So I am still figuring out how to stand up straight without it hurting haha I am going back this week. 

MIRACLE: I stopped a 17 year old kid to give him an English tract for our free class, then started talking about baptism. He was so focused and committed to be baptized on the street. We met with him Saturday and he said he LOVED the feeling in the chapel, he didn't want to leave. He said he wanted to get baptized right there. GET THIS: I explained what the Holy Ghost was and he was like "I finally know what it is" meaning that he had been feeling it since middle school but didn't know how to describe or say what it was! He came to church yesterday and said it was great. :)

Chantelle Lai. She is amazing. She is a 22 year old dancer, and we are bffs:) We taught her pretty much all of the commandments this week, including the Word of Wisdom and the 10 commandments. She loved it and says the commandments are awesome and loves to follow them. She came to church yesterday even though she didn't feel good. She is scheduled to get baptized on February 20th. :)

In November when Elder Stevenson of the Twelve Apostles came and spoke to us, he said that all we need to proselyte is our Preach my Gospel, white handbook and Book of Mormon. So since my back has been hurting, this week, I took those three things and my daily missionary planner and put them in my pockets, and went out a-proselytin'. No bag and no tracts and no flyers. And it was SO cool. I relied solely on the power of my nametag and my testimony and the Holy Ghost to get people to listen to us speak about Christ and baptism and prayer!! We have this awesome investigator WuChengHan, he is 19. We went over to his house to teach him the first lesson and his little sister joined too!!! I sat there and taught from the heart not using any teaching materials other than testimony and the Spirit. It was cool:) They both are scheduled for baptism on the 20th of February too. :)

This next week is gonna go by SO fast I can't even believe it!!!!!!!!! Life is so good. I love you all!!! Keep looking for the rainbow, the bright side of all things. 

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹
I don't even know.. 

Eating with the relief society. I would come back to Beitou and live here in a heartbeat! 

I love when investigators and less actives come to church. :)

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