Thursday, July 10, 2014



As you can see from the subject line; everything is AWESOME! My first day was a blast!

My companion is from Kaysville Utah and she played the flute in high school. She has red hair and big blue eyes. She's talkative and outgoing and funny! We get along great and I can tell we're gonna be great friends and even better companions.

I woke up on time with NO PROBLEM. Right?? But I guess this is the Lord's work and it needs to be done. 

OH MY CLASS!! First day: only in Mandarin. A bit overwhelming. But I know I can get it!!! I haven't had any time to just sit and look at my books, but I guess I will later. 

My district and zone leaders are awesome. At our first zone meeting thing, we lost the elders from our district!!! So we had to go find 6 elders just wandering around through the halls!! Haha but other than being a bit scatter-brained, they're great. 

I have the most stuff out of all the girls in my we'll see what gets sent home!!!

That's all the time I have!

Wo ai ni!
Ren Jie Mei
(Sister Wright)

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