Tuesday, July 15, 2014

WEEK ONE: new names and people and language


I have officially made it to my first P-day at the MTC!!! And I've heard that it's a piece of cake the rest of the way...JUST KIDDING!

So my companion (wo de tongban) is amazing!! We are so similar! Her name is Kaitlyn Elizabeth Morris and she is from Kaysville Utah. She went to Davis High School, worked at Johnny Rockets, and played the flute in marching band. She is outgoing and funny and we get along so well!!! I love her! (wo ai ta)

Forgive me if I slip Chinese words in every now and then. Lemme tell you...MANDARIN IS HARD. and if I type Chinese words, the tones don't show up so it looks funny to me. The words are pretty easy, but you have to do the 4 tones correctly or you aren't saying it right. We have 3 or 6 hours of class everyday and SO many more hours of personal and companion and language study. And we are encouraged to Speak Your Language. SYL is taken very seriously, so I have elders and sisters speaking to me in Chinese (Zhongwen) all the time so if I don't understand, I look dumb and I don't want to look dumb so I have to study!!! It's really hard because 4 out of the 6 elders in my class have Chinese experience and one of the sisters does. So I feel at a real disadvantage. But I feel confident that I will get it even though it's really hard right now.

My district is AWESOME!!! 6 elders and 4 sisters. Elders= zhanglaomen, sisters= jiemeimen. I have the same birthday as one of the elders too!! And us 4 sisters do everything together!! The other pair of sisters both went to BYU and lived in the other freshman dorms. I had a physical science lab with Sister Akita and Sister Sorenson lived in the same hall as her. Sister Morris is from Kaysville, Sister Sorenson is from Alpine, and Sister Akita is from Hawaii, most recently St. George. We all get along so well. I love them (wo ai tamen).

I've run into so many people that I know!!! Especially from 49th ward at BYU! Kelsey Bastian, Jake Rolfson, Nate Andrews, Adam Christensen, Evan Coutu, Kennen Brooks, even Matthew Nelson from EFY two years ago. AND GUESS WHO LIVES RIGHT NEXT TO ME?! NICOLE DECKER!!!!!!!! My very bestest friend/ roommate from BYU is literally the door next to me!!! It's so great! I also saw Breanna Brown in the mail room! 

Which reminds me...SEND ME LETTERS!! One elder in my district gets like 4 letters and 2 packages a day!!! So send me stuff while it's easy :)

Send me emails with questions because I would love to answer any!! I'm out of time today, it went by SO fast!! but please please please send me letters and emails and I love you all so so much!! This gospel is true and that's why this is worth doing. It would be so easy to just quit and go home but this is truly a miracle and I love it!!!! I don't ever want to leave...which is good since I have 8 1/2 more weeks of it! I love you!!!

Sister Wright
(Ren Jiemei)

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