Thursday, September 11, 2014


I'M GOING TO SALT LAKE CITY SOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I leave on Tuesday, September 16th at 7 am! The Frontrunner Train leaves at 8:20!!!

My companion Sister Morris is going to St. George, leaving Monday at 3:30 am!!!!!! The other places the missionaries in our visa delayed group are going are: Ogden, leaving tomorrow, Omaha Nebraska, leaving Wednesday, Pocatello Idaho, leaving Saturday, Tacoma Washington, leaving Monday (at 2:30 am!!), and Carlsbad California, leaving Tuesday, Vancouver Washington, leaving Tuesday!!!!! 

WE ARE FINALLY GETTING OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!! I AM LITERALLY SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! And I'm gonna be in Salt Lake City when the leaves are turning orange and red and maybe when it starts snowing!! And maybe be there for CONFERENCE!!  (What if the Prophet wants to have mission conference with us??) AND we can go to the temple!!!!!!!  I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!! 

Well, I leave really soon! So if you want to send me can until I leave!! When I find out my new address, I'll let you know! And of course, you can always email me!!

I love you all so much!!
Sister Wright
Salt Lake City South Mission

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