Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WEEK ELEVEN: week 1 in SLC: Hunky man from Holland wants to be baptized!

Sister McKenna Wright
Salt Lake City South Mission
8060 S. 615 E.
Sandy, UT 84070
HELLO FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!! Yes, I have survived 6 days in the Salt Lake City South mission!!! Sorry my title is a little weird...but i will explain shortly!!
I am SO GRATEFUL that I got to speak to my parents on the train on the way to SLC! I definitely missed their voices a lot!! Of course it was too short, but it was good nonetheless. So I only get mail once a WEEK so send me letters!!! :)

So I am in a trio and my companions have both been out for over a year. Sister Swain is 22, from Hawaii and has about 4 months left. Sister Aldridge is 21, from Missouri and has about 5 1/2 months left

I live in a member's house and it's tiny, barely big enough to fit two, let alone three. So I live every day out of my suitcase because I have no room to unpack. It's a very cute cozy home, but....I sleep on an air mattress on the floor.
Not speaking Chinese is hard, but at every house pretty much I'm asked to pray in Chinese. So that's good practice. There's also a ward mission leader here who served in Taipei and gave me his PHASE 1!!! How lucky am I?? It's the mission regulated study book that I wasn't supposed to get until Taiwan so I am very blessed. 
I am serving in the YSA Stake in Sandy, so we split the stake with the elders and we have 5 wards. So.....5 bishops and 5 mission leaders to know and TONS of members!! Most of the people we teach are less actives. Well besides 2 potential investigators, EVERYONE is less active. We also teach actives too because we have so few people to teach.
Some happenings from this week:
The FIRST door we knocked on was a member from TAIWAN. Like how crazy is that, and such a testimony that I'm supposed to be here! So cool!!! The same day we talked to someone from Malaysia who speaks Mandarin. So two in one day, SO cool!

That same day, the first person I actually talked to who needed help was a house full of dread-heads all smoking weed on the porch. The one who talked to us, his name was Artino and he said he was baptized but not active. I shared a scripture and he said "Thanks for letting me be your first." His friends were all BoM-bashing in the back but he was receptive. It was cool. 

I also went to the Ogden temple dedication which was awesome. I wonder if Sister Akita was there!! Last night we contacted this guy from Thailand whose name was unpronounceable and so his nickname is Best. We talked to him a little and walked away and he goes "love you guys!!!" haha, I guess we really made an impression!!
The food here is unbelievable. So many people are wealthy and have so much food and big houses and yah. Alex Boye and Pres. Packer live in our area too. Haha utah connections. 
So, about my subject line: We have this investigator who set his OWN baptismal date pretty much!! Jonathan Bosch... He's from Holland and he's 24. He works for the MBA and his fellowshipper has pretty much already taught him everything. He just needs to take the missionary discussions. He believes everything and is so ready to be baptized! Plus he says he already "feels so LDS" and we went to a baptism with him and he loved it!! So if I have a baptism while I'm here...that would be pretty cool!!!

It's pretty great here, pray for me to be patient for my visa.  I love you all!!! I love the gospel and I know it's true!!!!

Sister Wright (Salt Lake City South Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi (Taiwan Taipei Mission)

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