Wednesday, August 12, 2015

It's hot


Our cute little Ren Jie passed the sacrament for the first time this week, I was the first person to take it from him:) His mom's boyfriend moved out of the house and is gone for good, so now his mom only needs to stop smoking and she can be baptized!!! She wants to stop smoking ASAP, she herself expressed the desire!!!
I ate chicken feet. Yes, 2 summers ago when I was in China, I promised myself I wouldn't. I made it up until 2 days ago and finally did it. I wish I could send pics this week, but we are in TaiDong for our zone volleyball activity and the computers are weird!
I gave a talk on Sunday about how to preach of Christ in the home. It went really well, I was filled with gratitude for such an awesome family:)
Gao Dixiong came home this week, he has been living in ZhongLi for work, but he received a revelation from Heavenly Father that he needed to come back down here. Gao Jiemei and KaiKai are so happy:)
We went to FuLi for 4 hours on Saturday and helped sweep up an old rice barn, full of spiders and cockroaches and dust and rice shells. It was fun to do some sweaty dirty labor:) Sister missionaries can do hard things!!!
We rode our bikes around for about 3 hours yesterday up in the mountains of a tiny town in the middle of nowhere to contact a referral. Well, he wasn't home but his mom said he would call us. We found 3 miracle investigators along the way though!!! We were just hot sweaty tired and the only thing keeping my legs peddling up the mountain was thinking of eating dinner:)
BIGGEST NEWS: We threw away Lin Jiemei's coffee last week. We visited her that Monday and she hadn't had coffee, she hadn't dranken it!!! (is that proper English, I literally don't even know) She said "I dont have any coffee, how could I drink any?" haha so awesome. THEN...... we met with her on Tuesday and SHE KILLED US. She straight up was like " I don't think I can live the standards in your church and you have too many restrictions. I don't want to come back and I don't want to see you." She wouldn't even say a closing prayer. We literally don't know what happened, she was supposed to get baptized this upcoming Saturday!!!!!! Our sweet little Lin Jiemei...we didn't even know she was capable of dumping us that hard. The day after our "break-up" we saw her riding her bike and waved...the day after is always the hardest:((
Our investigator Luo Jiemei set a baptismal date this last week!!! Her family has 6 kids and her husband gambled all of their money away, so we bought her food so they would have something to eat. We hope she starts taking real action to help herself and her family be happier. 

I read a scripture in Alma 20:30 "And, as it happened, it was their lot to have fallen intothe hands of a more hardened and a more stiff necked people; therefore they would not hearken unto their words,"... so even to these amazing prophets, who could work miracles any second, had struggles. It is just going to happen that sometimes we get harder areas and harder circumstance in our lives, but Heavenly Father always knows what we need.

Well we saw lots of miracles this week, lots of new people with potential to be baptized and be brought to the glorious light of this gospel, the only real and true and happy way to eternal life. This week was hard but beautiful and worth every single drop of sweat...and let me tell you that was not a few. it is BLAZING HOT HERE IN YULI. Like a million degrees, hotter than anywhere I've ever been!!! I am turning black, my skin is so tan :) I hope you all have a good week, and whenever you wanna give up, just take a breath, take a break, and keep going. Heavenly Father only requires one day at a time. I am so grateful for prayer. Prayer is so simple, yet so powerful. It you have been neglecting your prayers lately, first of all, repent, but then say a really good prayer and thank your Father in Heaven for everything you have. I love you all, keep on keeping on and praying for the missionaries:)

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹

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