Monday, August 17, 2015

New Companion!!

Saying farewell to Sis. Chan

So first off, I was told that it is about 9 miles from Yuli to Songpu, so we rode 18 miles in 3 hours...not bad;) 

Family and friends, IT IS SO HOT. Like, walking around through an oven all day every day!!! People offer us tissues to wipe off our faces with and sometimes just let us inside since it's so hot, only to throw us out when they figure out what we are sharing:) But just look at how tan I am, that's one good thing about it:)

We went to the 赤柯山 this past week to look at the 金針 flowers, or day lilies, I think. All of the Aborigine people here have their own plot of the mountain where they harvest these flowers, so we went up to see 高姐妹's dad's flowers!!

This last week with Sister Chan was so good, we visited a TON of members to say goodbye and stuff. One of the best parts....胡弟兄 (a really old man) told us he wanted to treat us to lunch. So we show up at the restaurant, this really nice place, and he says he actually wants to go somewhere we follow him to the FamilyMart, which is like a bigger version of 7-Eleven where you can buy like...bags of chicken nuggets or frozen vegetables to heat up. Pretty good last lunch together;) We also drove up to see Ren Ping and Ren He, the cute twins. They were at their grandma's house and wouldn't go home until after S. Chan left, so we drove up the mountain to see them!!

HUGE MIRACLE: the morning she left, we went to the train station, and ALL OF OUR BELOVED KIDS WERE THERE!! 潘家庭and 何姊妹 and the蔡kids were all there!! What a tender mercy!!! Then Sister Walker came to YuLi and we saw so many miracles, one of the big ones was a tiny little fair they put up for the afternoon, we had a less active member walk up to us, hand us free lunch, and walk away. We got to buy cotton candy and I bought an I <3 YULI shirt:) We also had a member from XinZhuang walk up to us and want to pray for us:)

at the fair with Sis. Walker
Then SISTER HAACKE CAME!! I already love her. She is a fun redhead who loves tennis and is from Idaho Falls. We like a lot of the same things and are both super excited to get people baptized here in Yuli:) Speaking of people to be baptized....江弟兄 IS SO AMAZING!!!  We met with him this week and shared the Plan of Salvation. He received a confirmation that Joseph Smith restored Jesus Christ's gospel to the earth. When we asked him what he thinks his life purpose is, he said "To be baptized" and when we asked why..."So I can return to live with Jesus Christ." WOAHHHHHHH HE IS SO GOLDEN. 

He has been reading and praying every day and has promised to start reading more and more. Even though he didn't go to college and he is a humble farmer, he really understands the scriptures. He couldn't come to church because of work, but we still have hope for him! As for 朱姊妹 she came to sacrament and brought her two youngest kids! We had a lesson about stopping drinking alcohol and chewing binlang....(if you don't know what it is, look it up haha). She has A HUGE habit and drinks and chews everyday, A LOT. She says just seeing us makes her want to quit, but we want it to be for the right reasons. She really wants to be baptized, but this Word of Wisdom problem is a pretty huge obstacle and I'm a bit scared that she will just give up on baptism if she thinks she can't overcome this commandment, especially since 2 other sets of missionaries have tried to help her with it. Patience and prayer is the key here. Her prayers are so strong though, we're not worried:)

What we are worried about though is that our sweet little 蔡 boys are MOVING!!! 😢 My heart is broken in a million pieces, I literally gave all my heart to this adorable family. 何姊妹 WILL get baptized, someday....she thought that her son (Ren Jie is going to the temple!!) could be baptized for her in the temple so she doesn't have to actually do it hahaha. She wants an eternal family, but she wants all of her kids baptized first. I hope the next set of missionaries who meet with them will take care of them. <3

Well that's about it for this week. Time is going by so fast. I really love Taiwan and all the special people here. We are going to the beach today with a member, super excited:) I love you all and I promise that anything that you pray for will be given you if it is a righteous desire. Sometimes we don't know why we have trials for so long, but just like in Alma chapter 58:7-11, the proper response is to pray and be assured that the Lord will deliver us, we just have to trust in His timing. I love you all, have a great week!!!

My new companion Sis Haacke and  our beloved little boys at church!

Finishing off the chocolate with Sis Chan before she goes!
Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹

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