Monday, September 28, 2015

It's ALWAYS a holiday in Taiwan!!

Talent show - they wouldn't perform until I did the splits with them!
Happy Mid Autumn Festival! or Moon Festival. It is always some sort of occasion for celebration in Taiwan. This week everyone, yes EVERYONE celebrated 中秋節 by barcebue-ing meat, so that was fun:)

Also, this transfer has officially ended and we ended with handing out 105 COPIES OF THE BOOK OF MORMON THIS TRANSFER WOOOOO!!! :) We are going to flood all of Yuli and RuiSui and Zhuoxi :)
Also, transfers have been extended a week since no missionaries have come in yet. I pray every day that I will stay in Yuli!!!!!

Also, there's ANOTHER typhoon coming!! It's supposed to hit us pretty hard here on the east coast, but we'll see:)

I have learned a lot this past week. A lot about love. In 1 John 4:19 and Alma 8:10, we learn a lot about love. Heavenly Father's motive for everything is love. I really love my Heavenly Father and I really love my companion and I really love this gospel. We all need to strive our best to recognize ways, even the smallest simply ways, we can show we love the people around us and all of God's children. I am so so grateful for the companions I have had and the experiences Heavenly Father has given me in order to prepare me to teach people, whether it be my companion or investigators. I don't always feel super adequate to be a "teacher" per se, but I know  that it is something that Heavenly Father requires of me in this life. I have been reflecting on how much I have learned about diligence, persistence, and just plain WORK on the mission. There is never any moment when I can just say "Oh, I've done all I've can, I'm done receiving revelation, for myself or others." or "I've learned enough, I'll let other people do it for a change." 

In the beginning of my mission, I definitely was really ok with letting other people lead, just accepting things that happened and not doing anything to change or improve my situations. I have really learned the importance of continually striving to do the best I can ever day, every moment. ACT as an agent, impACT my circumstances!! I hope any of this makes sense, my English grammar isn't super proper anymore! I'm so grateful for Sister Haacke., I know she  is the companion I need to learn patience, love and humility and to expand my potential. I couldn't do this without her and her loving, outgoing, funny personality. My outlook on life, on my mission, on frustrations and on setbacks has totally changed because she has helped bring me out of the haziness and spiritual rut I felt that I was in before. I know that, whether we believe it or not, this gospel, Jesus Christ and His teachings, are real, are truth, are fact. It is true whether anyone believes it or not. My belief is a knowledge, and I no longer have any hint of doubt. That is why I am inspired every day to keep working.

Fun things/miracles from this week:
-we rode up the mountain to meet with an investigator, only to find that she couldn't meet because there was a family reunion going on! They were all gathered around to watch this man slaughter a pig and seperate the guts into bags for the village people to take come and cook for the Mid Autumn festival. Killing pigs is considered a recreational activity in our area:)
-WE ATE MAC N CHEESE THIS WEEK. Oh man.....oh man, it was so good. It's simple things like this that make missionary-ing fun;)
-ok get ready for this one.....So I served in Taoyuan for 5 1/2 transfers right? 3 different wards there...I was born in GuiShan, part of the Tao 1 ward. GUISHAN IS NOW ITS OWN WARD AND THE TAOYUAN STAKE IS HUGE NOW!!!!!!!!!!! And my past ward mission leader, Brother Lu is now the 1st Counselor in the GuiShan Ward Bishopric WHAT!!!!!!! This is the happiest thing of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!
-We had a talent show and played limbo in English class this past week. Pretty dang fun. The little girls made me do the splits with them or else they wouldn't perform. So that was fun too.
-Sister Haacke and I have explored lots of fun places this week. 
-Zhu Jiemei is amazing as always. She is not afraid of her friends' opinions as much anymore. She even leaves to go exercise when they start drinking and doesn't come home until they all leave:) SHE'S SO STRONG!!!!!
-I had an impression to stop and talk to a lady on the side of the street...she was SO focused on our message and we have set up to meet with her next week, a woman named Shao Jiemei. So excited!!
-Li Jiemei's daughter in law from China, Ba Yong, has decided she wants to read the Book of Mormon with us EVERY day. She says she wants it to be for 4 hours, but obviously we dont have that long;)
Well, life is awesome. Missionary work is the best. My English is bad and I really have no words to say to express the ways my life is changing/has been changed. Shout out to my trainee Sister Haupt who turned 20 yesterday WOO!! :) <3

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹
Care package from a member who is moving to America

It's really beautiful here!

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