Monday, October 5, 2015

Surprise Everyone!

Sorry for taking a picture while riding my bike!

Sis Haacke!

Zhu Jiemei!

Goodbye Yuli district!
Soooo I might have forgot to mention a few things last week:

Did I mention that Zhu Jiemei passed her baptismal interview and GOT BAPTIZED???
Did I mention that transfers were postponed a week, so they happened this past Thursday and...I LEFT YULI???

Yes these were TWO HUGE surprises to me too. I wasn't super thrilled when they told me I was moving. Like REALLY. Yuli is my city. I never ever thought that I would love the middle-of-nowhere as much as I did. I got on the train at 4 pm on Wednesday and Zhu Jiemei got baptized at 8 that night. I missed her baptism by 4 hours. To say that Sister Haacke and I were sad to be separated is an understatement. She has permanently changed my life and made me into a happier person. 

Sooooo yah I went to Taipei to the biggest transfer meeting ever. I felt SO out of place. I had never even seen half of these missionaries because I was "banished" to the east coast so long. I got to transfer meeting and everyone was like "Sister Wright where have you been??" "Sister Wright, you're SO tan!!|" "Hey, Sister Wright, you escaped Yuli!" and my favorite: "Sister Wright, you look skinnier!" Haha. Yah lots of people were surprised to see me. I was surprised to be there. I didn't mention transfers last week because I was SO SURE that I wasn't moving. But Heavenly Father has been playing this little trick on me my whole mission...haha now moving to my 5th area and 7th companion!! He never lets me get too comfortable, and I know that it's good so that I can stretch myself and grow. But the results of the transfer meeting were the most surprising. 

I am now Sister Training Leader in Beitou, East Taipei!!! I AM A TAIPEI MISSIONARY NOW. And many of you, well all of you don't know what that means, but basically it means, changing ALLLL of my missionary habits! Like going from proselyting in, let's say, a tiny town in Iowa to a huge busy bustling town of lots and lots of people like New York. It's a different world that plays by different rules and I have a bit of culture shock. BUT Heavenly Father hasn't given me anything that I can't do (yet) and I believe that, even if it takes me a little longer than usual, I will adapt:)

Moving to Beitou

New Member Fireside
Fireside meeting

I am super super excited for this opportunity to forget myself and work to support these amazing sisters in my zone. I know that Heavenly Father has given me MANY opportunities to learn the patience and listening skills that are required for this calling. 

Also at the transfer meeting: SISTER BRANCH SKYPED IN!! You see, my trainer, Makenna Branch, went home the day the transfer meeting was supposed to be, so I got to talk to her on Skype on Thursday!! It was so AWESOME. I loveee herrrrr.

So YES ZHU JIEMEI GOT BAPTIZED. The reason I didn't mention it is because we didn't know quite until the day before if she would be able to be baptized on Wednesday. BUT SHE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, right after she passed her interview, we took pictures in her white clothes because I knew I wasn't going to be there. I was definitely heartbroken, BUT she knew that this was a decision between her and Heavenly Father and whether or not I was there, she wanted to do it. This attitude is really the best I could ask for. 

I love Zhu Jiemei!

Zhu Jiemei's baptism!

Sis. Haacke & Zhu Jiemei, after her baptism!
I had a really cool miracle though this past week that showed how much my Heavenly Father loves me. So Sister Haacke's dad works for Melaleuca and they are a big deal in Taiwan. So he comes to Taiwan frequently for business trips. So my first night in Beitou, we were finding with a member, and we talked to a man who said his boss was a member of our church. He points to a picture on his wall and it's PAUL HAACKE. I was like "NO WAY I know him!!" and this man goes "I'm going to see him tomorrow!!" So I showed this man a picture of Paul Haacke's daughter S. Haacke and he said he would show it to Bro. Haacke. 

I didn't think anything of it until Sunday night when we went to the New Member Fireside at the chapel next to the temple in Taipei. I looked behind me and saw Bro. Haacke! We talked after the meeting and he told me that the previous night they had had an awards night for the company and this man had showed him the picture of me and S. Haacke that I had showed him!! He had asked this man where he lived and he said Beitou. Bro. Haacke new that the missionaries in Beitou probably would come to the New Member fireside, so he got off work early that night by some miracle, just in time to make it to the fireside and BAM - I met him!! And then....we set up a time to eat lunch together so I ate lunch with S. Haacke's dad in the basement of Taipei 101 today! :) 

Lunch with Bro. Haacke!

Another friend from Green Valley Stake Sister Allen MOVED up to our Taipei Mission and I got to spend the night with this past Wednesday night WOO!!!:)

Well, I certainly am excited for what this transfer brings. I am companions with Sis. Sagisi, who I served with in TaoYuan, and she and I were both born in GuiShan!! She GOES HOME THIS TRANSFER!!!! So I am "killing" her, so this will be a fun transfer. I take over the area in 5 weeks, wish me luck!! :)

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹

New companion, Sis. Sagisi!

Taipei 101

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