Monday, December 14, 2015

On the First Day of Christmas..........

Missionary Choir
Nativity Shepherds

Past companion and new convert visited!

WE ARE NOW IN A NEW STAKE!!!!!!!!!!! They split our stakes this past week at stake conference, so now we are part of a new North Taipei Stake!!! LuZhou became a guess what, YuLi is the ONLY branch left in ALL of Taiwan!! Wow.

The transfer meeting is this next Thursday. All of the sisters that I came with are going home except Sister Strong. I am attending the transfer meeting to hear their testimonies, since I probably won't be moving. It's gonna be a weird feeling...I'll be the oldest sister missionary in the mission:) (talking mission age)

So we had so so so many choir performances this past week, I LOVED all of the Christmas spirit. The English ward in Taiwan is huge and they put on a Nativity every year, and we sang in it. It was HUGE and such an amazing spirit. We were at the JinHua chapel ALL day on Saturday pretty much, performing and practicing and more performing. Teresa and ZhengYiTing and our self-contacting investigator Guo Dixiong came at 4 on Saturday and stayed the whole night!!!!!!!!! Then the next day was stake conference, with thousands of people there to form 3 stakes out of 2. Our new North Taipei stake became the 15th stake in Taiwan!!!! WOOOO!! And Guo DiXiong came WITH A FRIEND. Our investigator brought a new investigator, who does that?? It was so so so amazing. BUT THEN GUESS WHAT HAPPENED. Guo DiXiong texted us last night saying that after a lengthy discussion with his dad, he told him that he is no longer allowed to meet with us or attend our activities or church. The thing in matter how old you are, whether you be a child or a 40+ year old adult, what your parents say is most important. So Guo DiXiong, our miracle that only lasted a week, has now been dropped. I am really sad, but I know that Heavenly Father has His plan for him. It's a miracle he got to attend so many amazing activities though.

Teresa has her interview this week!!!!!!! She is SO excited to get baptized, then go back to Salt Lake City! She is already preparing to go to the temple when she goes home:) She is also almost done with the Book of Alma in the Book of Mormon and her boyfriend is a teacher the MTC...SHE IS LITERALLY AN ANGEL FROM HEAVEN. 

Go check out the website. There's a video on there from Stuart Edge, who is one of my friends, that was pretty funny to see:)

We have some cool new investigators, I started talking to a Zeng DiXiong at a table at the 7/11 last night and he was riveted on what we were saying. He said that he is SUPER interested in stories about Christ and said a prayer that he would be able to come to our ward Christmas party this Saturday and church on Sunday. We also got a new investigator Chantelle who is super cute and has lots of time to meet because she doesn't have work! We are also still working with Resa, but she is so full of doubt and not willing to keep any commitments. We are meeting with her tonight, we are hoping she is willing to open her heart!!! The miracles here in Beitou are daily, but I wish some of the miracle investigators we are finding would STICK!!! Haha we keep cycling through new investigators and finding new ones, but I wish we could just help everyone get baptized, you know?:)

Christmas season is so amazing. I love it and am SO grateful that I get to serve in Taipei for all of these fun activities! I hope you all have the spirit of Christ in your Christmas:)

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹

In the hospital, trying to get to the bottom of back problems. 

"Peace" on Earth

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