Sunday, December 13, 2015

I Glory in the Miracles of My God

These are all of my companions (minus the two that have gone home)!!

This week was SO FULL of the holiday spirit!! Me and my companion are part of the Missionary Christmas Choir, and we get to tour around Taipei singing for people!! So our performances were super fun this past week:)

Thursday was temple tour day!!

Biggest miracle of the day:
We were buying dinner with JiaQi and YiTing, and we went to buy a drink. JiaQi took a long time, but it was part of God's plan because just as we turned to leave, a girl comes over and says in English "Hi, I'm from Mainland China, I am majoring in English. Are you Christian? Can I come to your church?" WHAT. We were headed back to the temple to do more tours so we said of course! Turns out...she's also 20 years old the place that she lives is where I taught English 2 years ago!!!!!!!!!!! She says to us "This is God's plan for us to meet here!" We proceeded to explain the Book of Mormon. She was baptized into Bread of Life Church 2 years ago. She says she is willing to follow Jesus Christ's footsteps every day of her life. So we explained the priesthood and baptism and the apostasy and Joseph Smith. It was so natural and the Holy Ghost was almost tangible when I invited her to be baptized. She said simply "I am willing." Then when I invited her to be baptized on Christmas, SHE FREAKED OUT AND WAS SO EXCITED! We hugged and high-fived and she went to church yesterday and  attended the New Member Fireside activity:) She goes back to China January 16th, just enough time to go to the temple after her baptism:) Literally, biggest miracle ever. 

Other miracles that day include: Teresa came and did a tour and it answered all her questions! She is excited to get baptized on Christmas:)
Also, Chen Chong Yong came and we had a great tour. He expressed his concern about how his wife's church, a different Christian denomination, pressures him into not joining our church even though he doesn't like their church and he wants to join ours. He loves the Book of Mormon and praying to Heavenly Father. However, the day after the tour, he called us and said that for right now, he doesn't want to keep meeting or going to church because it causes too much stress for him in his family. We were really sad, I started crying....but it's according to God's will. 

We also had a tour with two recent converts from MainLand China!!! SOOOOOOOOO Amazing and adorable and excited about the gospel!! Thursday night we did baptisms for the dead with ZhengYiTing and it was also the first time for the Zheng JieMei from Mainland China!!!!!! I love the temple! ZhengYiTing, if I didn't explain this before, was a referral from NanTou. The coolest thing, at the temple, one of the workers was the missionary who gave us her name, as a returned missionary!!! :) Seriously such a miraculous day.

My dear family and friends, I really need your prayers. We had Temple Tour Training this past Friday and I lost my scriptures. I accidentally left them at a convenience store, went back 2 minutes later, and they were gone. Convenientally, the surveillance cameras were broken. SOOOOOOOO...yah, about 2 years worth of the most priceless scriptures in the world to me are lost. I really would appreciate it if I could get more pray power behind finding them:)

Temple Tour Training was great though, I saw allllll of my past companions that are still in the mission, including Sister Haacke - yay!!!

I have been praying to know how to follow the Spirit better. On the MRT on the way to the temple on Friday, I saw a young adult man walk on to the train. I felt like I needed to talk to him, so I walked all the way across the car (which is really weird for people to do, talk to someone you don't know is weird anywhere) and started chatting. He was super wierded out and didn't know why I was talking to him. I kept talking though, because, well that's what missionaries do. Finally, I just started stating who God is and who Christ is because he wasn't responding. I told him that He can help us receive strength and peace and I don't really know what else I said. He was instantly mesmerized by the message and his eyes didn't leave mine. I asked if he would be willing to keep meeting with missionaries, and he said yes but wouldn't leave his phone number. I wrote down mine and moved on. Fast forward to the end of the day, about 9:15. I get a phone call, and he says "Hi this is Tobias, we met this morning. I don't know why you started talking to me, and it was really strange. Normal people don't do that. But actually, I have been going through a rough time and I would like to set up a time to talk. Can you meet tomorrow?" I was instantly touched by how Heavenly Father let me see the outcome of my decision to follow the Spirit's promptings. 

A miracle yesterday.....a self-contact investigator GuoChengTai came to church!!!!!!!!!! He wants to come to the church activity all day on Saturday andSunday:) He set up to be baptized January 16th:) These blessings in BeiTou are truly miracles. God is a God of miracles and if you haven't seen a miracle today, GO OUT AND FIND ONE. Was it not amiracle that Christ was sent to us? Was it not a miracle that He now lives and loves us, every one? Miracles can exist in each and every one of your lives. I love you all:) 

Mosiah 3:4 We are so lucky to know this truth, it is our job to go out and share this truth, THAT HE LIVES and THAT HE LOVES US. 

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹
Our amazing zone!!

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