Wednesday, November 5, 2014

WEEK SIXTEEN: birthdays and holidays and baptisms and temples!

HELLO FOR THE SECOND TIME THIS WEEK! I have less than an hour because
we're going to Taipei 101 today, and I have 150+ emails, but I love
you all so I'll make this good:)

Temple with Sofia, Yoyo and Jerry!

These past 4 days have been great! Halloween, Weston's birthday,
temple tours and a baptism!!!! Saturday was SO GREAT because we went and did temple tours and our investigator Jerry came, along with 2 members!! Sofia is our angel...she peike's for everyone (member present lesson) and asks friends to come to baptisms and church and meet with us! She's AMAZING!!! And her recent convert friend Yoyo came too!

Jerry just soaks it all up and whenever we ask him how he feels, he just says "zhenshi de" which means "This is true". And on Sunday he asked us for the Preparing to Enter the Temple booklet and asked the Gospel Doctrine teacher for the manual!!! He just is SO prepared, we have only taught him 2 lessons and he already knows everything!! We have seen him every day since Friday! Saturday was even his day off from work and he decided to come to the temple and a baptism! I LOVE JERRY!!!

And we had a surprise visit from our investigator Joyce at church yesterday! We haven't been able to get in contact with her all week and then she just showed up to sacrament! She leaves to Australia on the 29th so we were afraid we had to give up on her baptism date (since you have to go to church 3 times before you can get baptized) but then she came yesterday so if she comes for the next two weeks, she can still get baptized!! MIRACLE!

So Cai Zhi Ming actually told us that he wants to continue meeting with us this week and he's been reading the Book of Mormon and reads the Scriptures of the Day we send out and he's coming to church next week!!! Truly another miracle.

Halloween...wasn't anything haha! I took pictures with the Dobby my parents cropped my face onto though:)

Chen Yi Lun got baptized this week!!!!! We were a little worried for her for a bit because her boyfriend didn't approve and she said her faith was wavering, but she was SO beautiful in her white jumpsuit and so
Chen Yi Lun
nervous to bear her testimony! I can't believe she's finally a member!!! She had a problem with Sabbath day observance since she works for NuSkin and Sunday is the best day, so church was only if it was convenient. But I believe that now that she has the gift of he Holy Ghost- shengling enci - and once she gets a calling, she will be GOLDEN! I love her dearly, she's hilarious! Elder Jacobsen from my generation baptized her (she wanted the tallest elder haha) and we told her it was his first time baptizing someone and she said "Perfect, it's my first time getting baptized!" Haha! And at her baptism, she forgot her Book of Mormon in her scooter so she went down the elevator, through the church, all the way across the parking lot in her bright white jumpsuit only!!! Haha she looked very much like an angel:)

Chen Yi Lun's baptism day!

The temple was just what I needed, and going to the temple twice this
week was amazing. I was reminded what blessings the temple brings for
us all. It gave me a renewed desire to be who the Lord needs me to be.

My personal studies have been more insightful and revelatory. I am beginning to see the miracles in my language improvement. And Sister Branch and I have been getting closer than ever. We made SO many inside jokes this week...and we share clothes! Yes, its hard having such a perfect companion but she teaches me so much everyday!!

At Chen Yi Lun's baptism - selfie stick pics!
Every day, someone asks us how we do something we're doing, that we're taking for granted, like finding prepared people, or getting 2 people off the streets to want a temple tour. We honestly don't know what we're doing special besides being unified and always, always praying to have the Spirit guide us according to what God wants. We always share our purpose right off and we always discuss anything in our companionship that prevents us from working in unity. I am so grateful for such an amazing trainer who is teaching me to do things the Lord's way. I can't wait to see what November brings us and our incredible investigators! 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I've almost been out for 4 months!

Rèn Jiěmèi (Taiwan Taipei Mission)

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