Thursday, October 30, 2014

WEEK FIFTEEN: Really, could this week get any better? No.

FIRST OF ALL: Sorry everybody about no letter on Monday. We went to the TEMPLE this week, so p-day was Wednesday instead of Monday!!! I didn't die or forget or anything:) The beautiful, this was so special!!!

A lot of people have been asking for my address so here it is:

Taiwan Taipei mission
4/F, #24, Lane 183
Jin Hua Street
Taipei 106

But be aware that we hardly ever get our mail sent to our areas, so I pick up mail when I'm in Taipei which is hardly ever as well. But I REALLY, really appreciate it!!! I FINALLY got my mail today...Shout out to my South Pointe ward, I finally got the package with the sign! I LOVE IT!!

不好意思 I never actually told anyone where I'm serving...I'm in the Taoyuan 桃園 Zone, serving in Guishan 龜山. It's west of Taipei by like an hour and a half! 

I got a full name this week!
Which is said like run, mawn, sheen. The Pinyin spelling is ren man xin. :)
It means A beautiful singer and dancer and happy all the time. Cool right?? 
One of our investigators made my name for me...Chen Yi Lun, WHO IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY!!! She is having some doubts so please pray and pray and pray for her!! She is so ready!!!

We also got a new investigator Jerry, and he's GOLDEN!! He already wants to go to the temple. He's getting baptized in 3 weeks!!!

I took a picture of Walker with me everywhere and took pictures with him...I even wore the outfit in the picture!!!  I will do the same thing for Weston!!! 
Happy Birthday to any of my friends this week:) 

OH AND SHOUT OUT TO MY COUSIN MADDY WHITLOCK!!! Her one YEAR mark is coming up on November 6th AHHH!! :)SO THIS WEEK IS AWESOMEEEEEEEE:  Walker's birthday, Weston's birthday,
going to the temple, doing temple tours, Halloween (Although of course we missionaries can't celebrate it), and a baptism!! Like really, could this week get
any better??? No, the answer is No. 

We also had our Halloween party, such a success!!!! SO many people!!! 

One of our main miracles this week:
We were contacting this week and didn't feel like we were in the right area so we started to leave when I felt like we needed to stop and talk to these 3 girls. They were only 12 and didn't respond well to our message, mostly giggling and goofing off. We weren't sure why we stopped until two other girls walked up and we prayed with them. Still not much, but it felt ok. Then two days after that, we contacted two other teenage of which was the SAME girl we had contacted before! She was with her sister this time; we had a lesson, gave them copies of the Book of Mormon and set up a lesson!

This was so exciting to me because I learned about the importance of following the Spirit...knowing we needed to talk to the 12 year olds so we could meet the other girls so we could see her two days later! And the importance of people being prepared...the one sister was NOT ready the first day we met her, she would barely pray with us. But two days after that, with her sister, she was totally ready and willing to pray. Such a cool experience :)

Funny story:
Shadow puppets with my bike light - it's a talent
We met a guy who I SWEAR TO YOU was trying to turn into a tree. We have an investigator who lives in this one area and EVERY time we go there, there's this guy just standing there. He stands there for hours on end. Well we tried to contact him this past week. He doesn't talk, only shakes his head. He stands stick straight staring at us this whole time. Then he covered his mouth to talk to us and says "Wo bu tai shufu" which means "I'm not comfortable right now."  And then we came back to that area an hour later...HE WAS STILL THERE. (When he turns into a tree, I'll let you know.)

Well my love for this work grows every day. I am learning a lot about the power of the Atonement. Not just the cleansing power, but the improving and enabling power. I never was able to receive answers to my prayers and personal revelation like I do now, because I am studying the Atonement which improves EVERY aspect of my testimony. I love reviewing my study journal, past inspiration I had, and conference talks. I am learning so much and growing so much! My
attitude has drastically improved this week and my companion and I are growing closer and closer as we focus on what's important...helping people come to know their Savior.

Also, my companion is an angel. We grow closer every day!! Did I mention we have the same name? And we get told we're twins every day!! She makes me breakfast and writes me cute notes and AH I'm so lucky:)

I love you all so much. Just know it, even if I don't email you all individually, my time as a missionary is short and i will eventually respond :) I LOVE YOU ALL!! Keep praying and know that our Heavenly Father loves you and wants you TO KNOW IT AND FEEL IT. Just pray:)

Sister Wright (Salt Lake City South Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi (Taiwan Taipei Mission)

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