Wednesday, December 3, 2014

WEEK TWENTY: 感恩節和巧克力蛋糕

At the Restaurant

As I write this, I can barely move because we just ate at a restaurant where you just have a hot grill in front of you and you grill your own meat and it just keeps coming and the goal is to eat at MUCH as you can before 2 hours runs out!! So meat and fruit and marshmallows and ice cream...PLEASE keep a look out for a place like that in America! :)

The reason for this occasion is because our district leader Elder Chen goes home on Wednesday!!! How sad. :( So this was our last hurrah! My companion is vegetarian soooo she ate vegetables and ice cream haha.

We decorated for Christmas this week!!! Yay I'm so glad my parents sent me a box of decorations :) We also got our TOILET AND SHOWER AND FAUCET FIXED!!! Thank you, all of you, who have been praying for that to be fixed! It's the little prayers of loved ones that produce miracles!!! Our faucet is no longer leaking, our shower is normal temperature, and our toilet flushes :) That along with the Christmas decorations made our apartment a lot more cozy this week :)

JERRY GOT CONFIRMED THIS WEEK!! Since he was baptized on the day we had Stake Conference, he received the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday!! He said it was the most wonderful feeling he ever had! He's pretty much an experienced member already, he 陪課'd for 3 different sets of missionary lessons, meaning he was the "member" for investigator lessons. He met with us at McDonalds on Friday, then helped us clean, then helped other missionaries with their lessons that night! And yesterday he helped us with an investigator lesson then went to church then came to dinner at a member’s house. Then today he ate lunch with all of our district's missionaries and is coming to family home evening tonight. He is ALWAYS with us or other missionaries. Wow, he's amazing!!

Also, Sofia got set apart as the ward missionary, Yoyo is now the sacrament meeting greeter, And 黃聰敏 got the priesthood!!! All 3 of our recent converts were at church, 黃聰敏,陳逸倫, and Jerry, along with a new investigator, 鍾仁德. He and Jerry are basically twins, he is quiet and shy and also ALREADY is telling us thank you for helping him learn of this gospel! we are SO blessed so be teaching such amazing people, I am humbled and grateful every time I think about it!!!

So this week I'll try to organize my thoughts a little (may or may not be successful)...this past Monday, Sister Branch (my companion) surprised me and bought me this giant B-Mo stuffed toy!!!! Adventure Time is a HUGE thing here and I told her how much I loved it and she bought it AHHH I love her even though it was TOTALLY unnecessary haha!!

It's always Adventure Time on my mission!

VOTING WAS THIS WEEK!!! Yes, so I don't think I have mentioned this because I've become so used to it...習慣了。 But there are signs for voting candidates literally EVERYWHERE. Do you remember high school voting time? Yah posters and huge billboards and stickers and merchandise and voting stuff showing up in mailboxes..all pretty normal stuff. But in Taiwan, there are these trucks that have the person's advertisement on it and a VOICE BOX so it’s a car that drives really slowly blaring the person's campaign slogan+why you should vote for them. And they're EVERYWHERE. So we wake up to it and its for different people at different times of the day and we had just become used to it...but this week was NUTS because there were parades of people and giant trucks blaring their messages and the people handing out stuff and setting off fireworks, all in last-ditch efforts to get votes!!! So crazy!! So we have yet to find out who won, but that happened this week. It's going to be oddly quiet from now on...

Thanksgiving was this week 對不對? For Thanksgiving was go to our mission leader's parents-in-law house and eat food. This was the same house that we cleaned all of the bugs out off...needless to say, there were still bugs crawling all over the table as we were eating. Yummy. I ate a shrimp...peeled off the head and legs and antennae and everything! Then we ate CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! Pretty much the best thing ever, it’s pretty rare here in Taiwan!! But I'm so glad we got to go there because the mother in law is not a member of the church and now she wants to come to church! Service is the best way to open people's hearts to the gospel! Speaking of service...

Remember our slow investigator 蔡松林? The one who got in a car accident and was in a coma for a year and now has brain damage? We cleaned his house this week and now he wants to continue meeting with us and maybe come to church! It's amazing what this gospel can do for people, truly amazing. There are people here in Taiwan who have NO idea that there is a loving God, our Heavenly Father who loves us and created us and wants to bless us. That is the knowledge we are bringing and it is wonderful!

I want to challenge all of you this week to be diligent in all that you have been given to do. When I am a lazy missionary, I am not happy. But when I do all I can to bring people closer to Christ, I am happy. When we are doing all we can do be the best people we can be, that is when we are happy and satisfied with life. Also, SERVE OTHERS THIS WEEK. Find someone you can say a kind word to, or smile at, or lend a helping hand. Sister Branch and I have only gotten closer this week as I have sought out every opportunity to serve her!!

Speaking of Sister Branch....her English is suffering. BUT I LOVE IT. I have started keeping track of "枝姐妹 Quote of the Day" because there are SO many good ones!!! I'm not sure what ones I should share, so I just won't but let it suffice to be said that she probably communicates better in Chinese than in English:)

This week, please pray that Sister Branch and I can stay together for as long as possible. She literally is my angel, she is the perfect missionary to be my trainer, probably the best missionary ever, no offense all of my friends, but that’s just me boasting about my trainer. :)

Sister Wright & Sister Branch

She had her first milkshake this week!! I'm so proud that I'm making this little past-vegan into a little sugar-lover:) We also had a lot of lessons at McDonalds this week and consequently ate a lot of McDonalds this week...

This week we had a crazy English class. The spiritual share lasted most of class because we have a student who is an investigator and he has a friend who makes fun of him for going to church and listening to those "Mormons". He is questioning if there is a God and questions that the things like prayer and reading the Book of Mormon can bring us happiness. I PROMISE that they do! Whenever I am sad and have no other way of being happy, I read the Book of Mormon and I pray and I ALWAYS find comfort.

EVERYONE GO WATCH "HE IS THE GIFT"!!! It's on YouTube, it's a Christmas video made by the church. I want you all to remember that He is the REASON for the SEASON and to show you love Him by loving others.

THIS JUST IN: the missionaries that were a transfer below me in the MTC who are all in re-assignments right now are coming in on WEDNESDAY!! YAY!!!! This is so exciting!! Prayer is SO powerful, I love it! If you are reading this and haven't been praying it. Heavenly Father wants to hear from you SO bad, just like I love getting everyone's emails SO much!! I love you all and wish you the best in whatever you are going through or striving for! I constantly pray for everyone back home <3

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹

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