Monday, May 25, 2015

充滿改變的一個禮拜 WHAT

Transfer day! Surprise!!!
Well my friends, this week was one of the most crazy weeks of my mission. (for starters, I went on exchanges with Sister Howell in NanKan and it was amazing! We went to a night market and I heard the song What Does The Fox Say? and I had completelyyyy forgotten it existed!!)

Then we did service for a lady and helped her do factory work, the nitty gritty putting tiny parts together kind of stuff. Wednesday night was our English class party and one of our investigators walked in having just been hit by a car.....he said his foot was broken and I held ice to his foot until the elders left with a member to take him to the hospital and we took care of the rest of the English students. No worries...he's fine, nothing was wrong, but it was definitely exciting!
The beautiful coast - my view from the bus

BUT the MOST exciting thing of the week.....I GOT TRANSFERRED!!!

YES THAT'S RIGHT. I got a call from the Zone leaders on Wednesday night saying I was leaving...let me tell you, if you don't understand how RARE it is to be transferred when you're training a new's rare.

When you start training a new missionary, you can pretty much be guaranteed that you will stay there for AT LEAST 12 weeks while you train the new missionary. So me training Sister Haupt still had 6 weeks left!! The zone leaders said that they actually were surprised too so they called President Day and he said that it was no mistake, he would talk to me when I got to the transfer meeting. 

It was like I was punched in the face, shot in the stomach, and had a heart attack all at the same time. This is the SECOND time I have been surprise transferred and not gotten to tell my members goodbye!!!

Well, I wasn't about to question the Lord's decision no matter how much it hurt, so I called my recent convert Pan Dixiong and Duncan and the Relief Society president and all my favorite people and they all wanted to see me Thursday.

These people :-)

Saying so long to my "baby" Sis. Haupt

 Thursday was a magical day full of sunshine and fun and people giving us free waffles and members feeding us and DUNCAN BOUGHT US CHOCOLATE COSTCO MUFFINS AGAIN!! He was like "it's the last time I can buy these for you, I know they're your favorite" :( and I was planning on celebrating my birthday this week with them and my trainee!!! 

Also Elder Jacobsen is training and I wanted to be training in the same ward since we were trained in the same ward!! But I knew that God had a bigger plan than my selfish desires to have fun with my converts and continue to be in the same district as Elder Jacobsen for a whole year of my mission haha.

Well Friday was sad and I got to transfer meetings and President Day came up to me as soon as I got to transfer meeting and asked if he could talk to me. He said the Lord needs me in the south east more than he needs me training. He also said some other very wonderful things and expressed his confidence in me and about why I am needed in Yuli.

And...I AM NOW IN YULI玉里!!!!!!! Part of the 台東 zone, the farthest you can get in the south of our mission!!!! It is the biggest area in our mission and only 15 members away from being able to request to build its own chapel!! 

We took a 6 hour train ride and I was temporary companions with Sister Tate, who I was in the MTC with! 

And church yesterday was SO fun with our tiny tiny little branch (not even a ward) of about 30 members!!! Our chapel is one floor, on the second floor of a little building, and our apartment is on the fourth floor of that same building!! 

Haha it's so crazy that I am in this tiny little town in the middle of nowhere with hardly any people, SO different from the 3 big cities I have served in so far! 

Also, this is my 5th companion in Taiwan, and I have been to every transfer meeting since I got out of training, which is NUTS. But that's what missions are right and what would my life be without a little crazy?:)

Well friends, I have definitely been asking Heavenly Father lately to help me boost my confidence and I guess His way of answering me is taking me way way WAY out of my comfort zone and sending me the farthest away from anything I have ever known; showing me that He trusts me to be here. At least that's how I take it:) I love you all, pray for me, pray for this area, pray for my beloved TaoYuan zone, and pray for yourselves. Prayer is so powerful, I love it!!!

I also turn 20 this week.....老了!!

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹
Saying goodbye in the restaurant with live cats
My best friend JJ

A huge Kit Kat for the 6 hour bus ride! Thanks Caleb!

Say hello to being even more wet than ever!
My new companion,, Sis. Chan!

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