Monday, June 1, 2015


Well I am now 20, officially an adult in Taiwan!!! I don't feel any older though. But my birthday was a miracle day!! We went to an even more remote part of our area in 瑞穗 which you have to take a train to get to. We packed a suitcase full of copies of the Book of Mormon to take with us and it was EMPTY by the time we got home:) We spent the whole day contacting people and we had a miracle! We found a 14 year old girl who wanted to get baptized!!! Just like that, so easy!!

You have to fully rely on the Spirit here in 玉里 because there aren't very many people so you have to know who to talk to and where! But one of the most fun things...we had set up with a referral and we took a taxi to get to where he was going to be....turns out he works at this famous pasture tourist attraction and so we end up walking through this tourist attraction with tons of cows and ostriches and just so much beautiful scenery to his house and had a lesson with him. He didn't turn out to have interest, but it was cool that we got to take a mini tour haha whoops!!!

Another miracle this week was knocking on a lady's door, and she let us in and we shared about the Restoration and when we asked her if we could come back...she invited us over for dinner!! So that's tonight, plus she said we could celebrate my birthday? so we'll see how this goes:)

The mosquitos in Taiwan are deadly. But I came up with a little 比喻 to make it better...The mosquito bites that cover the legs of the people here are like temptations and trials. No matter how much bug spray we use or how much we protect ourselves with reading the scriptures and prayer, we still will mess up and mosquitoes will get through and we'll get bitten. If we itch the bites and succumb to sin, they scar and become much harder to get rid of, and sometimes don't go away at all. But if we don't scratch and don't give in to temptation, just apply the soothing ointment of the Atonement, they will go away and won't become permanent ugly scars. It's deep I know, I hope you like it. It also rains not stop, well when it does stop, its a million degrees. But it's fun:) reminds me of Florida weather!!!

I am almost out of time so I won't write anymore, but I know Jesus Christ lives and this is the best thing EVER, serving Him every second of every day!!! The world is in so much need of righteous people to share His light!! Alma 28:14. I love you all! Thank you all for the birthday wishes!!!

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹

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