Monday, June 22, 2015


My dearest loveliest friends and family, I CANNOT DESCRIBE ALL THE EMOTIONS THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!

This was the last place in our mission that didn't have a stake, it was a district, up until yesterday morning at 10:15 am!!!!!!! I'm not sure how to put all the miracles into an email, so I will send lots and lots of pictures, so please forgive me, but I want to share this miraculous event in world history with you!!

At the beginning of the week, Sister Chan and I were really worried that we wouldn't be able to meet our goals because we would be out of our area for 2 days going to Hualian for the establishment of a stake. But we prayed in faith and set inspired goals and WE DID IT!!! We really saw so many miracles, a lot of our days in Yuli this week maybe didn't go the way we planned, but we saw so many miracles!!

 One of our biggest miracles was meeting this young couple, Zhang Jiemei and Wang Dixiong. Zhang Jiemei has been Catholic ever since growing up, but her church is very small and she really wants to go to a church that has a lot of people and everyone feels like family. Wang Dixiong has no religious background but is following his girlfriends example in believing in Christ but knows little about him, other that what he has seen in videos online. We met them outside of a 7-11 and just gave them a first lesson and a baptismal date on the street!! Zhang Jiemei has been baptized before, but she said she would be willing to be baptized once she knew that our message was true. Even more remarkable, they set up to meet with us next Friday, only 2 days later! 

When we met with them, they said they had been reading the Book of Mormon, the very beginning and didn't understand the background. We introduced where it came from and how they could receive answers to the questions in their heart. Zhang Jiemei also agreed it was easier to read than the Bible. They became enthralled in it immediately and I have experienced very few times seeing two people, even as young as they are (18 and 19), be so automatically engrossed in the message this incredible book contains. Then, even cooler, Wang Dixiong brought up how in a video, he saw Jesus performing miracles because He had a certain power that no one else had. WHAT A PERFECT QUESTION!!! 

We ran out of time to explain the priesthood in detail, but we told him our church has that same power today, and gave them the Restoration pamphlet to first look over. SO COOL!! The only struggle we might face is that they are looking to move in together and started up a new job that might make it hard to come to church....but we will make it work!!!:)

Many miracles that have been happening down here in the east coast. I am SO privileged to be a part of it. I know that I have a part to play here where there are so seldom people who HAVEN'T seen the missionaries but maybe need a new face to share the same message. I was awakened to a lot of my strengths this past week as we were with other sisters who were able to help me see that I am good at teaching to people's needs and listening to them and then in sequence listening to the Spirit in order to know what to say. That was pretty cool:) Also, we stayed with 12 sister missionaries in one apartment this past Saturday, so THAT was a blast, especially coming from Yuli where we see no other missionaries besides the two elders in our ward ever haha:)

I am so grateful to be able to be with so many amazing people in this special place in the world. It's not easy, it's not always the most fun, it's definitely not the most glamorous, in fact it's very hot sweaty smelly crowded and dirty most of the time, but I love it:)  

Also, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! We had our last meeting with President Day yesterday....we will have a new mission president at the end of this month WOW!! But I am so grateful for the amazing influence he has had on me and I sure am grateful for MY DADDY!! <3

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹

this is the tan I have so far from my watch and shirts, and summer REALLY starts in July and August;)

and this is my first time on the beach in Taiwan...I'm pretty happy:)

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