Sunday, June 28, 2015

It's Hot

     Never in one week have I felt more gratitude and experienced more miracles. Because Yuli is so small, I feel like Heavenly Father delivers more intimate, personal miracles to every single person. This week we set really high goals. Like higher than I did when I was in  a big city. We poured out hearts out to Heavenly Father every day to help us and guide us. Most of the ways that I follow the Spirit is just like talking to someone who looks interesting or going back to someone I biked past. 
     This week was full of some very hard things. But I know that through my constant prayers to Heavenly Father, I was able to obtain strength to be for the people who really needed me this week. I feel like a lot of my mission has been about serving others because even when I feel weak, people around me need me to be stronger, stronger than I sometimes feel like I am able to be, for them. 
     I felt a really powerful experience this week when I was reading about consecration. I realized how much I have grown and was overwhelmed with gratitude for this mission, and how Heavenly Father has helped me with all of these changes. I FEEL like a powerful missionary, and even though I don't feel like I know who I am sometimes, at least I can rely on the fact that I am a purified vessel for Heavenly Father to work through. THAT is what made the difference for our investigators this week, and being able to find the miracle new investigator we wanted and needed so badly to meet our goals. 
     There is a special power here in Yuli. Sometimes I feel so secluded from everything and everyone, but Heavenly Father sent me here because I don't need people to tell me I'm doing well or have people see me doing well in order for me to feel His approval. That is the lesson He needs me to learn right now I guess:) Also about putting my WHOLE heart into this work. I was told this week "I can see that you have your whole might, mind, and strength in the work, now just throw your WHOLE HEART into it." I am working for it so hard.
     I hope that you can all feel my love for you through this email. I know that everyone we see and talk to each day is the portion of Heavenly Father's children that He puts into our path to be loved. I have truly gained a testimony of doing everything we can to make others feel loved, above ourselves. We can only take the knowledge we have of the gospel, the smarts we get from learning, and the relationships we make with others with us when we die after all. Love you all so much, please do what will bring you closer to the Savior and make Heavenly Father proud.

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