Sunday, November 15, 2015

Companion Number 11

Counting all of my companions since the start of my mission, Sister Facer is #11!!! I was her STL last transfer and now she is my companion!! Haha it will be interesting but fun I think. 

This week has been so great. Why? Because we have been finding all day every day! It's been kind of funny, NO ONE wants to hear the gospel!! It's been super fun for me at least though because we still get to share this wonderful message, even if it's just "Hi, we represent Jesus Christ and we know that He lives and He loves you!" with everyone. No, no one wanted to pray or accept a Book of Mormon or get baptized, BUT we got to be able to share our testimonies. We aren't giving up, we will keep trying to find the place that all the prepared souls are:)

We were finding all day yesterday and after having all our appointments cancel and no one wanting to talk to us, we finally found the prepared Li Jiemei who set a date to be baptized on Christmas!!! Heavenly Father has been teaching us about going to the very end because that's where all the miracles are seen:)

OH I ALMOST FORGOT. We went to the celestial kingdom with a view of the ocean and beautiful mountains this last week. Our member lives in a penthouse that she designed up in the mountains:

Yes, Sister Sagisi is gone, but it's ok because I get to start and build the kingdom here in BeiTou all over again! We baptized all our progressing investigators and not we get to start from the bottom up:) It's gonna be hard but fun. No one ever said a mission would be easy right?? I love doing hard things. I am positive that the Lord wants me to succeed. I am working on feeling the success that He sees. I have really been praying hard to feel the Spirit in every aspect of my life and it's already starting to make a difference. I think that Heavenly Father wants me to learn how to rely fully on the guidance of the Spirit...I feel like Heavenly Father might be saving a lot of my most difficult decisions to be made after the mission haha. I know that Heavenly Father expects great things from me and gives me hard challenges that He expects me to accept because He knows I can do it. 

It's November and still a million degrees here. I love that I have a FULL CALENDAR YEAR IN TAIWAN. I love it here. I live for the culture and the language and the people. I love you all, have a good week:)
Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹

Fun at Halloween time:) No, it doesn't really exist in Taiwan.

We took 陳輝木 to do baptisms at the temple!!! This man just glows:) 

Me and the departing sisters. I don't know if I told people that Jaina Allen moved to Taipei from the Taizhong mission, but she had to go home for health reasons. :-(

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