Thursday, November 5, 2015

Birthdays, Baptisms, and Halloween!!

As I am writing this, my awesome little bro Weston turns 15! Also, shout out to the coolest NOW ADULT 18 year old Walker who turned legal last week:) love you two <3

We went to an all you can eat Thailand restaurant today...I don't think I'll have to eat for the rest of the WEEK!!! haha so good:) Also , I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!! I wore orange to celebrate. Thanks mom and dad for the Halloween package. We also had a BAPTISM TO CELEBRATE!!!!:) I made sure that Zheng Yi Ting participated in the festivities:)

Elaine Zheng is so amazing. Like, a one month baptism. Her ex boyfriend brought her to church with him while he was investigating the church, all the way down in NanTou, at the bottom of Taiwan I think. Then she came up to BeiTou and came to church, and now she got baptized before him!! Haha he came up to see her be baptized, and loved it!!

THEN, the next day, the Sunday that she got confirmed, the first Sunday of the month, is the New Member Fireside, where we all go to the big chapel next to the temple and missionaries bring their recent converts. Zheng Yi Ting gave the first talk, as her FIRST day being a member!!! She shared about how when she was younger, she was always teased and grew up with depression. But when she found the church, she felt Christ and Heavenly Father's love through repentance and reading the scriptures and praying everyday. She loves keeping commandments and her favorite thing is going to be enduring to the end. WHAT HOW AWESOME IS SHE. We also brough Chen Hui Mu to the Fireside, his first week as a member:)

This week will be my last week with Sister Sagisi, who is going home on Saturday!!! I will have another new companion, leading another area that is brand new to me! I could definitely use your prayers please:)

Well, we got broken up with by ALL of our investigators this week, so we will be working really hard to find all the prepared souls to accept the gospel this week! Actually, a really cool miracle was the Li Jia Hong we found last week, the man who was super willing to pray and said he needs to find God again after 20 years of not going to any church. He came to the baptism and brought his little daughter. We shared the message of the Restoration with him and the Spirit was so strong. He is willing to learn more, but hesitant to come to church. Hopefully we can help him learn of the truth:)

We had MLC this week, so fun, I love all these missionaries so much!! We went on exchanges after with Sister Hadley. I had an inspiration to go visit Judy, our 15 year old 6-year-former investigator. She can't get baptized because of her mom, but she came to English class last week and told us her birthday was October 30th. So we bought her chocolate and went over. She was SO happy to see us, her mom actually welcomed us in, her grandma told us to stay to eat cake, and then right when we were about to leave, her DAD came home. The dad has an intense desire to be baptized, ever since he was supposed to get baptized 6 years ago, but his wife STILL won't let them. But this was our first time meeting the dad, he still keeps in touch with the first missionaries he met!! Wow, it was such a miracle to be able to show this family that we care about them and get on good terms with the mom. Judy also came to the baptism and the ward members all love her:)

This week was really good. I still am looking forward to learning more and more how the Spirit communicates with me and really understanding what an investigator must feel in order to be converted. They have to feel like Zheng Yi Ting. Sorrow for sins, relief and comfort when they are forgiven, and God's embrace when we follow commandments. These investigators and less active members need to feel the love of the ward. I am SO grateful that our members, especially our Relief Society, love and accept Elaine Zheng so much!! We all need to receive the testimony of truth from the Holy Ghost itself in order to KNOW these things are true. And they are. I love it:)

Love you all!!! Stay tuned for me to have ANOTHER new companion next week!!

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹

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