Sunday, October 26, 2014

WEEK FOURTEEN: Baptism Week!!!!!!!

Yes, my friends and family, I had a baptism this week!!! Huang Cong Ming got baptized! He's just awesomeeeeee! He is so amazing and strong!!

So Taiwan does this "tingshui" thing (stop water) and they turn off all the water in a certain district for 24 hours. We don't have the news so we didn't know!! So we had no water for a while and THAT was fun! Thankfully it turned back on in time to take showers for the day! But it was a fun scare!

I WENT ON EXCHANGES THIS WEEK!! Yah it was so fun, but I was like, 'great i'm still SUPER new and now I'm going somewhere else? Ah!' But it actually turned out really well....Sister Miller told me to go wherever and talk to whoever I felt like talking to. So I pulled over and talked to a guy at work. She was like "no, really, he's working" but I talked to him anyway, and we had a lesson!!! This was really exciting because it was the first time I had initiated a miracle of my own and didn't follow my trainer. I'm pretty insecure in my language abilities because I can't understand anyone hardly, but I did it. And he's their investigator now. Being a missionary is awesome. 

We went bowling on P-Day. Yes I'm still just as bad at bowling as when I left. But it was fun and a good stress reliever anyway! We are going hiking this next P-Day and next P-Day we are going to THE TEMPLE!!! So if I don't email next week, that's why! I love being a missionary. 

We had dinner on the street this week. Just walking through a night market buying yummy things. Holy cow was I stuffed and super unhealthy but it was SO GOOD!! I want to learn to cook this stuff...then I'll make food for my friends. ;) 

We have so many investigators. So many that I did my first split this week!!! I had two members with me who spoke English-ish...but it was still scary!! Haha we got so many new investigators this week and it's hard to keep up with all of the souls and names and people we need to contact but I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Heavenly Father loves Taiwan. He LOVES His Asian children and I am seeing it every day with every person who is willing to pray with us. 

Something I learned this week:
We need to ACT ON and APPLY what we are taught. I am learning that more and more each day. As I start to feel stumped, I realize it's because I haven't understood and applied what I've already learned so I am not in the position to learn more. But God loves us all and He will teach us so much if we are ready and willing to act on it!!

Funny stories:
-We have this bike friend who fixes our bikes for free, pretty much any problem! So we asked if we could say a grateful prayer with him. We say "amen" and he just sits there with his eyes closed and head down. We call his name, say we're done, and say amen again...he just sits there for like 3 minutes. It was SO funny and awkward and the day had already been so long we just couldn't keep it together and started laughing. Ah man. soo good.

-Apparently, I'm officially a missionary now. What does that mean you ask? I FELL ASLEEP WHILE PRAYING.  Sister Branch wakes me up at 11:30 and says I fell asleep while praying, kneeling, by my bed. HAHAHAHA! I woke up the next morning not even sure it happened, but she says that when I woke up, I looked at her as if "Yah duh I fell asleep down here on the floor, don't you do that?" Hahahaha, what the heck. I've heard stories about missionaries being that tired, but I actually did it! So I must be official ;)

-We met this Christian old man, Jackey, on the street and he invited us to dinner right then. We said no, but tomorrow night. So he calls us and just keeps saying I love you over and over. We ask him if he knows what it means and he says Wo Ai Ni, so yes he knows the meaning. So we hang up and don't go to his house...good thing too because he calls us again and again, and then again from  PRIVATE number and says "if you're ever by my house, I'll feed you," and hangs up. Yah. Never going there again. Hahaha, gotta love those old men who like young white blonde missionaries. 

-We teach English class on Wednesdays (this next week is A HALLOWEEN PARTY) and we teach the advanced class. So, everyone there speaks pretty good English. Well there's this Victor guy and he's HILARIOUS. We taught about eye contact and how it's polite to look someone in the eye while talking. So he comes up to me after class and talks to me about America while staring me directly in the eyes and I can't look away because Sister Miller had just talked about eye contact. Then he says "You are very cute and friendly" while just staring me down, and he's this 40-something year old man, and I just wanted to laugh so hard!! He is so funny.

I wish I had more time to write but I'm out of time. I love you all and I love Taiwan!!

Sister Wright (Salt Lake City South Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi (Taiwan Taipei Mission)

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