Monday, October 13, 2014

WEEK THIRTEEN: finally in TAIWAN!! And I got hit by a car...

Yes I am really here, this is my real real real mission! And it couldn't be better!!

My companion is Sister Branch and we are TWINS! Both blonde and we even wore matching clothes the day we got paired up! We even have the same name...but hers is spelled Makenna. FREAKY, but so awesome. I love her, she's so patient with me.

Investigators are awesome. Our investigator Huang Cong Ming has his baptismal interview yesterday and passed!! He has a problem with smoking but is SO close to being done with it. But he JUST texted us saying he had a fire in his house and has to take his parents to the hospital and has to clean everything....this is SATAN preventing him from being baptized! Come on, did it have to be a fire? That's intense....but Huang is SO valiant and has such a strong testimony and is so excited, I know he can do it! 

We also have 4 other people on date to be baptized! Chen Yi Lun, Jeff, Cai Zi Ming and Cai Dixiong. Here's the thing...Cai Zi Ming has been to jail 7 times in the past 20 years and is currently wanted by the police. Sooooo we're not sure what to do about that but he's already changing his life!! So we'll see. 

Cai DX is mentally handicapped. He has throat cancer and brain damage from  a stroke. But he is so ready for the gospel! 

Chen Yi Lun (Luna) is SO CUTE! She is pretty much already a member and has a ton of friends in the ward! Her baptism is in two weeks!!

We had a miracle find! We seriously just picked a spot on the map, drove to it, knocked on the FIRST door and found a golden, prepared child of God!! Zhou Dixiong had previously met with missionaries and already was reading the Book of Mormon and praying but no one was teaching him! So we just invited him and he came to General Conference!!! Amazing!! I loved it:)
Raining and tracting is always a good time and brings MIRACLES
We have gotten a new investigator every day that I've been here, that's NUTS!! But I love contacting. Everyone (almost) is willing to pray with you! People here are so nice!

Culture stuff: the food is like the food I had in China last summer. My comp is vegetarian so that will help me be healthier too:) But all the little snacks are so good and it's hard to resist!

TRAFFIC RULES ARE NONEXISTANT. I almost die every day. It doesn't help that I'm extremely uncoordinated and it makes riding a bike hard. Funny bike got hit by a car the first 10 minutes I was riding it. No worries, I'm fine and the tire was just a little dinged. But my bike-riding ability has already improved drastically! Just keep all us Taiwan missionaries in your prayers that we don't get hit by cars or buses :)

I rode in the rain in traffic this week...THAT was scary but exhilarating haha! Re-learning to ride a Taiwan...hen hao xiao!
 our fashion...the poncho and the reflector belt and the helmets and the jealous.
Halloween exists here! I didn't know that! We teach English class once a week and we are having a Halloween party this next week! So that will be fun! Last week in English there were two little boys and one little girl...yes I wanted to wring their necks, they were so naughty!!! But the lady there was very very attentive so I hope we helped her learn:)

Language...NO, I CAN'T UNDERSTAND ANYONE. I had one lesson this week where I understood everything, and that was the only one. But - I have this vision of where I can be and where I can get to with the language. I keep having this vision where I understand everyone...It's just not reality yet but I know it can be! Just keep praying for me, that's where the real power comes from!!

Trying to eat healthy!

General Conference was AMAZING! Yes, it took us a week to get it over here on the other side of the world :) but I testify that our leaders are inspired!!! It was all about being prepared spiritually and having a strong foundation so I know that something hard is coming, but if we have that firm testimony and habits of what we need to do, we will be protected and will not fall or fail!

I saw Elder Anderton and a ton of other Elders from my zone in the MTC in the MTC choir when we watched conference!! And I saw Elder Kieran Bennett from my Folk Dance Team at BYU! But I did NOT see Forrest Mitchell! Either way I feel slightly famous by association! haha :)

Well this week was amazing. I love the people and the area and my apartment and my companion and the culture and the weather. I love all of you and I love my Savior. I am SO blessed to be able to teach His gospel to God's children who desperately need it. I love you!!!

P-Day emailing!

Rèn Jiěmèi (Taiwan Taipei Mission)

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