Monday, October 26, 2015

TEMPLE twice in one week, and a BAPTISM!!

My "generation" of missionaries - now all leading the mission!
Me and my comp!
Some amazing miracles from this past week:

-BAPTISMS FOR THE DEAD WITH OUR RECENT CONVERT!! We took 陳文鐘 to the temple to do baptisms for the first time!! It was so amazing to see him be baptized for people who now have the opportunity to accept the gospel!!

Sister Sagisi and me at the temple
-We were praying on where to go to find, and as we prayed, the number 72 popped into my head. So we went to #72 on the street we planned to go to and it was a building complex, so we tried to decide which doorbells to knock on. One of the mailboxes had a "神愛世人" sticker on the mailbox which means "God loves everyone", so we decided to ring that doorbell. They let us in (WHICH HARDLY EVER HAPPENS) and the 16 year old boy and his grandma were SO welcoming and willing to let us share. The grandma actually knew what she was talking about when she was talking about the Bible...most of the time when people say they are Christian here, it means they go to church on Sundays, and know absolutely nothing about Christ, but this 崔阿嬤 (Cui Ama) did!!! And as we gave her grandson a Book of Mormon, she encourages him to read it every day! He set a date to be baptized, so we will help him work towards that!!

-We were headed home last night, the last hour we had to find a new investigator to meet our goals for the week. Right by where we had stopped our bikes, a guy was parking his. We started talking to him, and I have NEVER had someone be so willing to pray, accept a Book of Mormon, and set up a next time to meet with us. Li Dixiong, his grandma taught him how to pray when he was younger and he hasn't for over 20 years, and really wants to come back to church!!!

I got to see my "baby" at transfer meeting!
-Zheng Jiemei....she is SO AMAZING. In one 45 minute lesson, we taught about the Law of Chastity, the Ten Commandments, and the Law of Tithing and fasting! We are excited for her baptism on Saturday!!!

-We met with a less active Lin Dixiong. He actually REALLY wants to come back to church and his work is literally like 18 hours a day, AND when he doesn't work, he is in school since he is only 22. It is crazy, all he needed was our invitation to come back to church and he is going to start praying to find a new job!

Another fun thing...I went on exchanges with Sister Kunzler this past week!! My beloved past companion, haha I love her so much, we still work so well together and we are such similar people! She is so optimistic, much happier than when we were together, and she is SUCH a powerful teacher. I love it. It was SO good to be able to just talk to her, reminisce on the miracles we saw when we were in 八德 together, and just talk about life and mission experiences. She is so uplifting, and yet still so humble and human, it was great to be able to be companions with her again for 24 hours.

With Sis. Kunzler on exchanges!
WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!! yayyyy Chen Hui Mu 陳輝木 GOT BAPTIZED!!! He might not look very happy in this picture, but trust me, he was glowing!!!!!!!!! He has bad knees and so he was really scared at first to have to bend his knees to go back into the water, but it was fine:) He got confirmed yesterday and he was just so happy! 

Chen Hui Mu

Chen Hui Mu and our Bishop!
Something I have learned while being on a mission: Life is full of ups and downs. Like, duh right, but it still has new meaning sometimes. We can't be perfect or we wouldn't learn. We can't be happy all the time or we would not appreciate those moments fully. This is SO precious to me. I am focusing less and less on myself though and more and more on these members and missionaries and my companion who goes home in 10 days...weird. Well my ponderize scripture for the week is Mosiah 23:10, WHAT'S YOURS??:)

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹

exchanges lunch

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