Sunday, February 1, 2015

WEEK 28: and then it hit me....BAM

Ok so this week was incredible for so many different reasons. I have to admit something first so the rest of the letter makes sense....I am really really struggling to get a long with my native Taiwanese companion. She doesn't seem to like me very much and there doesn't
seem to be much I can do about it, I've tried everything! 

So because of that, it's hard to be happy. It's really hard when you also have no one to talk to about what your experiencing, so there's that language barrier too of course. I'm very grateful that her English is as good as it is, but my Chinese is not good enough to convey all those kind of emotions. Anyway, I get really stuck in my own head because of the fact that I can't just quickly and openly discuss everything I'm feeling. You all know that I love talking sooooo yah.

I feel like I am having this trial right now to establish my relationship between me and my Heavenly Father because when your companion doesn't want to talk to you, who do you talk to? God of course, the one person who the channel of communication is always always open and non-critical and loving. 

Sis. Wright and Sis. Peng
My new district
At times during the week, I would have a really bad attitude and I would feel really lonely...but of course, God always pulls through and those days of the week that were the hardest, the most lonely, and the days I was praying the most were the most successful days. 

God is just too good to me. Those times when I am doubting and have no desire to keep getting doors slammed in my face, He pulls through and provides the miracle and the lessons for me to learn. 

I am being provided with very many opportunities to learn things on my own. 
Jumping in Yingge
I believe that right now I am learning to rely on my relationship with Him above all else, so that those times when I am the most alone, I still have that strongest relationship and don't need to rely on anyone else for my happiness.

-We also met a little 13 year old boy who wanted to read the Book of Mormon and come to church to learn about Jesus. FAMILY AND FRIENDS people in Taiwan don't just SAY these things, these were RAINBOWS. 

Our zone here in TaoYuan has a "rainbow" theme going on, always looking for the rainbow and the good in anything that happens. 

So try that this week:)

As for the title, I decided to save it for last....I GOT HIT BY A CAR LAST NIGHT. It was a 

yield light and they stopped for sister Peng and I was right behind her and they like went forward a tiny bit and then stopped like they saw me and they as soon as I drove past they sped up right into me and I flew into the hood and landed on the ground. They got out and SPOKE ENGLISH - go figure. The wife seemed mortified but the husband was just like  "Oh, you're ok? Be more careful." and then I invited them to English Class at the chapel hahaha I'm such a missionary. 

There's another miracle, that my bike is only a little messed up and that only my ankle is swollen and the right side of my body hurts from hitting the ground, but I'm totally ok! So yah there's a laugh for yah:)

Besides that, this week was full of lots of cockroaches and getting the shower fixed and the hole in the wall fixed and new chairs and new heaters because it was all broken...(yah the apartment needs work, what else is new?:)

Birthday shoutouts to Katelyn Hanks and Elder Brock Breed whose birthdays were this past week!!

I ate a peanut butter and bacon and banana burger...YES it was delicious. I also got to have Yoyo, a Tao 1 member peike and she was amazing! I had missed her so much! Oh and I'm English Unit Leader now...still don't really know what it means but I get to teach English by myself now that I don't have a companion who speaks English so that is fun!

-Our ward mission leader was INSANELY IMPROVED this week! I had been praying that he would be more willing to help us and he was. He provided ideas and offered to help and actually cared about our investigators! It was a miracle!

-We met a woman who said she really really needed the Book of Mormon in her life. Same day, we met a woman who said she would be really willing to learn about the gospel. We met another man who said that he had dreamed about Jesus the night before and started crying when we told him that God knows him and loves him. 

-One of our investigators, a really really busy lady who hasn't been able to come to church yet, took out her work calendar and marked off the days she can come to church and 2 days every week that she can meet with us until she gets baptized. This was an incredible improvement since at our first meeting, I wasn't actually sure how interested she was!

-We met with a man on Saturday, he came to church and said he wants to come every week!!! YAY! His main thing is that he likes to learn about all religions, so pray that he'll read the Book of Mormon and realize THIS is what he's been looking for!!

-We got a referral from English class and she came to church and then met with us...I'm not sure how interested SHE is, but she gave us a referral of a girl she knows who loves to learn about scriptures and the teachings in the Bible!!

-We met with SO many members and had so much good food and now they know that 
we are serious about missionary work and need their help!! 

Well friends, you can see that I have had QUITE the week!! But I want you all to remember this poem, I know it's pretty famous, but it is how my life as a missionary is going right now:

Good timber does not grow with ease,
The stronger the wind the stronger the trees.
The further sky, the greater length,
The more the storm, the more the strength.
By sun and cold, by rain and snow,
In trees and men good timbers grow.

Remember it and LOVE IT!! I love you all and I pray for you and I remember you even if I can't email you individually every week <3

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹

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