Sunday, February 15, 2015

WEEK 31: 過年快樂!

Well everyone, 過年 is this week, Chinese New Year!! And you know what that means?? LOTS of members feeding us which is good, but NO ONE on the streets, NO stores open, and NO ONE talking to missionaries YAY:)
haha this will be an interesting week, but I'm super pumped for the miracles God has in store for us!!
Oh right and Valentine's day was this past week....our investigator who is getting baptized in two weeks gave us chocolate with cute little notes!!! He is the most unlikely person to do that, so it was pretty awesome! I also got a package from my amazing family the night before Valentine's Day, it actually got delivered to our house and
that NEVER happens!!! Little miracle <3 Using Facebook has been weird, but I'm slowly xiguanle...getting used to it!

Last Monday we went to Costco, that was fun. I bought a HUGE bag of chocolate...yep so like me, I know.
Tuesday and Wednesday, I went on exchanges with Sister Smith, who trained my MTC companion Sister Morris!! She is AMAZING!!! So cute and funny and the world's most loving person <3 We saw so many miracles and got to meet with a recent convert who lives in Tao 3 boundaries but MY companion baptized when she was in 竹東!!! Cool huh? Thursday, I found out that my name in Chinese name means elegant and romantic and :)

And Friday we were full ALL DAY. We hardly had time to eat lunch and dinner, we had THAT many lessons! I've never had a day like that, but it was incredible, I focused so much on what everyone specifically needed and it was so spiritually uplifting and fulfilling! Saturday was more like P-day!!! We got permission from President Day
to go to 中壢 for a ward activity! We had 2 investigators there at 羊世界...GOAT WORLD!!! I ate goat meat and we shared about how our ward goal is to have 1家庭1洗禮...every family brings someone into the gospel
through baptism!!! The elders brought guacamole and no one there had tried it before and they all Elder McNeil tied it in and said that everyone tried guac and loved it but didn't know that they would love it because they had never tried it before. It's like the gospel, so many people would LOVE it but they don't know because they
haven't had the opportunity. So it's ALL of our jobs to bring these people the guac:) Then Saturday night we went to a baptism for 桃一 and we had an investigator come! Jerry, Sofia, Yoyo, Xiao Bao, EVERYONE was there!!! Jerry gave the most AMAZING testimony, about how he felt at his baptism and shared scriptures he loved before and after his baptism...I was so humbled at how amazing he is and how I was so privileged to get to teach him the gospel.
at Goat World!

This week I was very humbled. Sister 彭 is changing and smiling more and things are getting better between us, very slowly but surely. This whole transfer I have been thinking about how my companion needs to change and how I can be the example for her and all this stuff...but this week I realized ALL of the many many weaknesses I still have and how I still have a long way to go before I am the missionary that God needs me to be.  At times this week, I felt so low like I couldn't keep going, so full of weakness that I wouldn't be able to do God's work...but He loves me and so He provided a way for me to see that ways that I can improve. When our weaknesses seem to big to overcome and we are overwhelmed with all of the things we need to accomplish and overcome and be, He provides the peace and the plan to make it through step by step until we are that much closer to being like Christ. I have learned that I need to turn outwards and become like Christ in order to see the changes that I desire on the inside. I also have remembered to see the rainbows this week...little things like it being sunny outside to big things like going to a baptism to see all of my 桃一 members and see my recent convert bear the best testimony in the whole world. God loves me and I know it. God loves us all and I know it.

Another reason I know God loves me....He has blessed me to stay in 桃園 for this entire time. I got to start in Tao 1 and experience love like I never have before. I say that I easily left my heart with those people, but then now I am in Tao 2 and my heart is always expanding, finding room to love each and every one of these people with my whole heart. It's incredible. God has let me meet the world's most amazing people, all with SUCH strong testimonies, all willing to give up everything and anything to come to church, go to the temple, serve the  missionaries. He is also blessing me with being SO busy!!! We have at least one lesson scheduled everyday, if not 4 or 5!! So different from 龜山, I know that God is preparing this area of Tao 2 to amazing things!!
The Tao 1 ward

I love this scripture in 1 Peter 3:15 "But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you" So I want to tell you all, if you feel that your testimony is weak, you can renew your testimony every day through prayer and scripture reading. We need to always maintain our testimonies and ALWAYS share them with others, through words, actions, a smile, anything! But I love that we always are supposed to ready to tell people WHY we are the way we are, happy and full of hope.

I am learning so much. I will not be the same when I get back. God is teaching me so much and I am SO grateful for this opportunity that I get to change and become who God needs me to be and  help bring others unto Christ in the process. It also works the other way around. Through teaching these people, they are teaching me and helping me change too. I love everything about this work. It is true.

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹
John's baptism

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