Wednesday, February 25, 2015

WEEK 32: post Chinese New Year food coma

Well my friends and family, I do not want to know how much weight I gained this week. This past week was Chinese New Year, which means every lunch and dinner is like a 6 course yah YIKES. But our
ward members are AWESOME!!! :) I loved getting to know them all!

On this past Tuesday, I passed off Phase 1 FINALLY!! Our mission has language phases and it's a huge accomplishment for me I think:). Wednesday, Sister Peng got to call home! Since she is Taiwanese, the
bigger holiday is Chinese New Year. Friday, we got to water the Relief Society President's garden! Most
people here grow their own vegetables, the garden was HUGE and like 200 different people have their own little plots of land there!

Saturday, 黃威儒 PASSED HIS BAPTISMAL INTERVIEW!! WE HAVE A BAPTISM THIS SATURDAY!!! Butttttttt transfer meeting is Friday, so I might not even be there:( But he is so incredible!! We were really worried about him because he is a very special man...who hardly ever remembers the things we teach him. But his faith is incredible and so we thought an interview would be a good way to see how we could continue to help
him. Right before the interview, we went through the baptismal interview questions with him and he KNEW IT ALL. It was such an incredible answer to our prayers. He is going to be a fabulous new convert :)

Sunday was Elder Sullivan's birthday and the bishop made him a chocolate banana cake yummm:). Monday we had interviews with President Day so no emails!! But interviews were awesome, President Day is just a champion and I love him. Sister Day is adorable and I love her. It's always just what I need to hear when we have interviews. We also had our last district meeting:( Maybe the last one with me, Elder McNeil, Elder Jacobsen, and Elder Taulepa all together. We have all been together since I've been on island. Not to mention Elder McNeil and I have been together almost 8 months...haha it's sad that we all have to separate!!

Last night we ate dinner in GuiShan with Chen Mama and some Tao 2 members!!! It was SO good to see her<3

Well this week was a lot of personal discovery and a lot of spiritual experiences and pretty much I am just SO grateful that I am a missionary and I am representing Jesus Christ and learning to be like Him. I hope you all can know for yourself that Christ knows you and loves you and if you don't, PRAY and READ the scriptures and you will know it's true. Share this wonderful message. Share the truth that we KNOW why we are here and we KNOW that we can live with God and all of our loved ones again, all we have to do is live His wonderful happy perfect gospel. I am so grateful to be a part of sharing this incredible truth with the people of Taiwan. It doesn't matter that I'm not perfect, that I am still learning Chinese, that I make mistakes, it only matters that this is the truth that people need and it is our responsibility to share it! Our stake's goal is 1 family, 1 baptism...every family with a baptism!! if you ever post anything on Facebook or Instagram, use that as a hashtag and spread this amazing
goal!!! I love you all so so so much!!

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹

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