Monday, March 9, 2015

WEEK 33: I AM STILL IN 桃園!!!!

Yes folks, it's true! I moved this past week at transfer meeting....TO
MY THIRD AREA IN TAOYUAN!!! I am now a BaDe 八德 sister!!! Which means I will have spent at least 6 months in TaoYuan by the time this transfer is over!!! haha I also get to watch Sister Miller die because this transfer is her last one!!! My new companion is the lovely Sister Kunzler, and we were in the MTC together!! I am her BREAKER!! Her first companion after she was trained, and her trainer Sister Hammer just went home!! And I am still a SUPER young missionary so we will see how it goes!!!

This past week, my last week in 桃二 was pretty awesome! On Wednesday, we had our Frozen themed English party and it was a BLAST! We had a "snowball fight" with wadded up paper balls and then the papers had the words of the chorus to Let It Go on it, so we unrolled the balls and put the words in order and had everyone sing the song!! SUPER fun:) Then that night I found out I was moving and that was sad. Thursday, my last day, was awesome! We met with 黃威儒 and he told us that he cried when he found out that Elder McNeil and I were moving :(

Then Zhong Mama took us and the elders to dinner, our last one
altogether with the power 4 missionaries!! That night I got a call
from our sister training leaders, but it was really JERRY!!! He found
out that I was moving, so he called me and I got to talk to Jerry and
LuXueYi and LuoXiaoBao and Sofia and basically the whole 桃一 crew. I am
SO blessed that I am still able to communicate with them!!
Then Friday was TRANSFER MEETING!! we had a bunch of new missionaries
get their trainers! Elder Luke Sanford is TRAINING! haha Elder
Huntsman from my generation is training and then and elder one
generation younger than me is training!! crazy!! and then Sister
Graham, who I was with in the MTC is the new TEMPLE SISTER!! and my
trainer's trainer, sister Nelson went home, along with 14 other
missionaries!! Man our mission is SO young and we still have SO many
visa waiters, so PLEASE pray for them!! 

Our mission is lacking a TON of missionaries and areas had to be closed down! 
OH and Elder Jacobsen and I are in the SAME DISTRICT AGAIN!! haha he is in the
tri-panionship with Elder Dethloff who I knew from BYU and Elder
Wayment, who is also my same generation! Crazyyyy
Saturday...well our area also includes Yingge 鶯歌...a 40 minute bike
ride down a HUGE hill. which means we biked BACK up this monstrous
hill on the way home!! super fun, lemme tell you haha! Miracles from
Saturday: We went to the library to use Facebook and it was closed but
we had a lesson with someone who also went to check to see if the
library was closed!! And he became a new investigator who we are
meeting with next week!! 

Another miracle, we were going to eat and we talked to this lady and 
1. she spoke English because she had been
living in Texas 2. SHE WAS A MEMBER OF OUR CHURCH!! yah we ran in to a
less active on the street who had JUST moved back to Taiwan! 3. her
name was also 任, just like me!!!! NO ONE has my last name, so that was
awesome:) we got her number and will meet with her next week! Another
miracle, we ate at a delicious restaurant that had Hawaiian pizza,
waffles, and A LIVE CATS TERRARIUM.!! haha that was the best. I also
got to meet our amazing investigator 潘DiXiong and he is GOLDEN! he is
already starting to share the gospel with his family and watches
church videos on his own. his baptismal date is the 14th of March, the
same date we have temple tours!! I am super stoked for this next
transfer, the ward is awesome, the area is HUGE but awesome, we are
busy all day every day, Sister Kunzler is so 認真 and likes eating
sugary stuff (i haven't had a companion who likes junk food like I do
yet) and I am so excited!! it's a good thing we were so busy on
Saturday...i completely forgot that I missed 黃威儒's baptism...but I
hope it was amazing for him!!!

Something I want to share this week is about how we were all chosen to
be here on this earth at this time. I KNOW that, no matter how hard it
is to fathom, we were chosen before this life to come to this earth at
this time because God knew that we would be the most powerful tools at
sharing the gospel, with or without a name badge.
In 2 Timothy in the Bible, chapter 1, verse 9 it says, talking about
Christ "Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not
according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace,
which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began". So I know
that all of the blessings we have are given to us of no merit of our
own, but because Christ and God love us and know EXACTLY what we need
and when we need it in order for us to reach our fullest potential. I
am so excited to stretch and grow and become the person God needs me
to be in order to preach this gospel. So how will all of you harness
this amazing opportunity you have been given to be on this earth at
THIS time? You prepared in heaven to be on earth at this
will you use this time now that you're here? I invite you all to
recognize the trials and things that God has given you that enable you
to grow and thank Him for it. I am SO grateful I get to share about
simple things like prayer and reading the scriptures everyday. This is
SUCH a blessing. I love you all so so much!!!

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹

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