Monday, March 9, 2015

WEEK 34: The Twilight Zone

This week was weird. I have been on a mission 8 months as of today. 
Sis. Kunzler at the hospital
(but that's not why this week was weird)

Weird things:
Sister Kunzler got SUPER sick this week, throwing up all all all night 
and the next day. We went to a Taiwanese hospital (which happened to
be in my old area of Tao 2) where they stuck a needle in her arm to
give her meds then kep the needle in and said "Wait 30 mints, if you
feel better, we'll take the needle out. If not, we'll give you more
meds." Yep, then we went home and she spent the day sleeping and I
spent the day in the Twilight Zone, making calls and updating record
and reading and I don't even know. 

Before my mission, I LOVED doing nothing, but now I don't know 
WHAT to do without a schedule!!! 

Another twilight zone thing was that we went knocking doors in this
little area. We started by talking to a guy who S. Kunzler said had
previously accepted a Book of Mormon. He told us he didn't have time,
he was going to the hospital to get his brain checked. Ok. 

So we then talked to this dad and his daughter who were heading home. 
Then we knocked on this door and 2 16 year old boys with bleached blonde hair
answer. As we start introducing the Book of Mormon, 2 more bleached
blonde 16 year olds walk up and we're like WHAT ok. And apparently
they all live alone, no adults and acted all sketchy when we asked
where their parents were.  

As we are walking away, we see the same guy again, 
the one who said he was going to the crazy hospital...he walked
into a little alley and then DISAPPEARED. I kid you not, there was no
where he could have gone. Then we walk back to our bikes and pass a
black cat. Then we see the SAME dad and daughter walking exactly the
same way we had saw them earlier!! 

twilight zone alley
This entire time, its pouring rain and super dark and we were just like - 
What is this town of NUTSO PEOPLE!!! but of course that's why we are there...
crazies to take care of the crazies :)

Then last night we went to visit an investigator who lives right next
to a miao, a Buddhist temple where they worship and do weird rituals.
Well I bend down to lock my bike and I heard "Sister Wright, look...." and I
look up and there is an ENTIRE STREET full of slow-walking people
dressed in white holding incense sticks. I swear I walked into a
zombie apocalypse. Then there were two people in front chanting and
doing some kind of tai-kwan-do. But it was pretty cool too I guess.

Lots and lots of miracles this week!!

First off, my friend from high school Lauren Lung got baptized this
past week!!!! It's incredible!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! God is working
miracles all over the world:)

-Also, as we were eating lunch after emails last week, and this lady
gets up and sits down right across from me and asks me what it is that
we believe and why we are missionaries. At the same time, one of the
workers goes up to Sister Kunzler and asks why we have the "Sister" on
our badge before our I gave this random lady a first lesson
about the restored gospel and Sister Kunzler gave the worker a lesson
about Heavenly Father and how we are all his children. We set up with
the lady and we will see how she progresses!!

-We got a referral from the elders of a man named Bob. They met him
and he already had a Book of Mormon from a friend in Gaoxiong!!! So we
read the introduction to the Book of Mormon with him and he LOVED it
and wants to get baptized next month!!

-We got a referral from the Tao 2 sisters last week of a guy who
randomly came to church. They said he was golden. Well, this week we
got a referral from the elders of a guy who randomly came to our
chapel on a random day and wanted to meet with missionaries. They said
he was golden. Well...they turned out to be the SAME person!! He had
gone to church with a friend in Gaoxiong, then went again in Tao 2, so
by the time we met him and he came to Bade, he had already been to
church three times! He said that he has an amazing feeling every time
he comes to our church and he just wants to learn more! So we are
meeting with him tonight and we are SO excited!! It's meant to be that
I am supposed to teach him because he went from Tao 2 to my new

-We got another former referral from the elders, a lady from 2011! We
called her last night and she set up with her for this week!!

Despite Sister Kunzler getting super sick this week and us having to
rest and not being able to meet with all the people we wanted to meet
with, of course it turned out to be a huge blessing!!! 

Our investigator scheduled to get baptized this month, 潘弟兄, progressed
RAPIDLY on his own and is now not so set on getting a super definite
answer before he gets baptized, but is ready to act on FAITH!!! We
also set a baptismal date last night with an eternal investigator and
recommitted her to keep some commandments and she is super excited to
work towards her new goal!!
Me in Yingge

I also experienced the gift of tongues to an extreme extent this week!
We went to visit a former and it was just the mom at home. We shared
The Proclamation to the World and she brought up a concern she was
having about her sick sons, and how they have Tourettes syndrome and
asking what she can do to help them. Well she is from China and at the
beginning of the lesson, I could hardly understand even the most basic
things she was saying because her accent was so heavy and she just
said things differently. But as she went into her story and started
explaining things, I could tell she really needed a patient servant of
the Lord to listen to, and it was then that I was able to understand
her heavy Mainland accent and even know the meaning of some words that
I had never heard before. It was amazing.

This week was really awesome for spiritual progression as well.
Everything I studied and the lessons in church were all about
repentance. I read a really great scripture in D&C 15:6
And now, behold, I say unto you, that the thing which will be of the
most worth unto you will be to declare repentance unto this people,
that you may bring souls unto me, that you may rest with them in the
kingdom of my Father. Amen.

I didnt really even realize I had been looking for the answer to the
question "What do I need to focus most on at this point in my
mission?" but as I read this, I realized it was Heavenly Father
showing me that he truly knows the deepest feelings and needs of my
heart, by answering a question I wasn't even aware I had.
I also love D&C 3:10 "But remember, God is merciful; therefore, repent
of that which thou hast done which is contrary to the commandment
which I gave you, and thou art still chosen, and art again called to
the work;"

And I know that despite my weaknesses, all of the things I forget to
do, all of the things I mess up or I'm not that great at, Heavenly
Father will still get His work done through me. He will still grant me
with the Spirit in order to teach His children if I remain worthy and
repent. Repentance is SUCH a gift! I have never felt closer to God and
Jesus Christ than when I repent, and we can repent and feel that
closeness every day!!

I also read an awesome scripture in 1 Chronicles 28:10 "Take heed now;
for the Lord hath chosen thee to build an house for the sanctuary: be
strong, and do it." BE STRONG AND DO IT. It's so clear and simple I
love it!! I know what I need to do, I have such a short time to do it,
so just be strong and do it!! There is nothing to lose, anything I
sacrifice, the Lord will pay me back 10000x more!!! It's awesome. I am
so so so grateful to be a missionary. I am grateful for the days my
legs hurt so bad from riding a bike. I am grateful for how bad my
English is. I am grateful that I get to take a step back from the
material things in the world and focusing on bringing others to the
knowledge of our glorious Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus
Christ. It is an INCREDIBLE privilege, and as I am almost half-way
through my mission, I am realizing more and more that it is NOT long

I can't fully or adequately express everything I feel and experience
and all of these amazing things, but this is the BEST thing I have
ever ever done and I don't want it to end. I have never experienced so
many miracles, met so many miraculous people, or given so much of my
heart, might, mind, soul, and energy to such an amazing work. It's
glorious. I love you all, have an amazing week. And anything that
isn't amazing, take it to God and He will help you. I know that it is

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹

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