Sunday, March 29, 2015

WEEK 37: It's what you DO with what you HAVE that makes you who you ARE.

This is real life!
This is a brilliant slogan and I want you all to ponder it.

This week, Sister Kunzler was sick, ALL WEEK (she is still a little sick) with the most terrible cough I've ever heard, and stomach hurting and fever and a cold and just all of it. So this week we stayed inside most of the time and I was alone a lot of the week. So I had A LOT of time to ponder and do stuff. As I was all by myself, feeling really accountable for the time that we were at home but that I still had a lot to do, I was very keenly aware that this is the Lord's time, not mine, and I signed up to fully serve Him. So as I was alone sitting at my desk all day for about 3 1/2 days and a lot of random time in between, I got a lot done, organized a lot, talked to a lot of less-actives, a lot of member, potential investigators, and current investigators. But let me tell you, I WAS SO STRESSED OUT. That is why we have companions, because missionary work is NOT meant to be done by one person. I have a testimony of that now haha. 

We did have cool miracles while Sister Kunzler was sleeping. We had a member call us and give us a referral for someone who lives in Yingge, so we prepared all week for that visit. It went pretty well, but because the member who referred her was there, they just talked A LOT and we could hardly focus on the lesson. But hopefully it will be more focused in the future. 

Waiting for a new member to meet us
I did Weekly Planning Session by myself this week. That is a long lonely 3 hours...very hard to focus too. But I received revelation for our investigators and it was super cool. God was relying on me to plan for our whole area, and through Him, it got done. We met with Duncan that night because S. Kunzler felt better and it was AWESOME. He told us that he used to find the chapel by his house. That is SO COOL!! He also asked us if he was with a girl and she was wearing something immodest, should he ask her to change. He literally asks these kind of questions on his own and it's SO COOL!!! This week he also said in one of his prayers "Sister Wright follows "choose the right" so I know that what she says is true" and it was just super cute how sincerely he believes!!!

Friday, S. Kunzler used her first squatty potty. 4 months in Taiwan, I don't know how she managed to avoid it until now haha. We went knocking and we found a little tiny old lady who was picking bricks up out of a muddy pile of debris. She spoke 台語 so we couldn't understand her, but we realized she wanted the bricks to hold down a tarp so we got down in the mud and helped her. it was awesome:) 
Yingge "world famous" shaved ice helps Sis. Kunzler feel better!
We went to Yingge on Saturday and it was SO fun!! The weather was amazing and beautiful and there were tons of people on Old Street. We met with Duncan and he told us how he was in a coma for 2 months because of a car accident and he thinks the reason he survived is so he could get baptized. HE IS SO COOL. Then later that night we went to find a less active who had given us their address...well we found the address.....up a steep hill, more like a cliff that went down one side, with broken tile on it, up to this creepy old shack that was the only house at the top of this hill. When we knocked (we prayed before we knocked to make sure we had a good safe feeling about it) an old mountain man came out with a long beard and a crazy look in his eyes. Don't worry, he was just an old guy with a beard, but it was pretty scary haha. 

Duncan, Sis Kunzler, Debbie, Sis. Wright and 符姐妹
Sunday, DUNCAN PASSED HIS BAPTISMAL INTERVIEW AND HE IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!!! Everyone keeps saying they have never met someone so excited to get baptized!!! And it's true. Seriously a miracle.  Sunday we also went to go find a potential investigator and she gave us the wrong address but at that address was someone who wanted to come to church. MIRACLE!! We also knocked on the door of a former who wants to meet with us!!! So cool. Also 潘Dixiong's baptismal interview is this week so please please pray that he won't drink tea so that he can pass his interview!!! 

Well folks, this week was rough because being alone as a missionary is weird, especially feeling like the salvation of every soul in your area is upon your shoulders. But I know that I did the best with what I had, and that is what makes me the kind of missionary I want to be. I KNOW that regardless of our circumstances, if we pray to Heavenly Father to know what He needs us to do, He will guide us to the best way to make use of what we have. He gives us circumstances because He knows it will help us grow. When we face challenges and trials that are NOT in consequence of our disobedience, we can be SURE that it is because Heavenly Father feels we are ready to grow, and that we can handle what He throws our way. It's so cool that He trusts us enough, that we can make our own choices. I love it. 

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!!!

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹

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