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WEEK 35: crazy awesome amazing magical spiritual week

Original Tao 2 crew!

I am afraid I won't have time to write about all of the amazing awesome incredible things that happened this week, but I will try!!!
On Monday I found out that my incredible almost-return-missionary-best-friend-cousin Maddy Whitlock got ACCEPTED TO BYU YAYYYYY!! Also we met with Duncan this week...Duncan, the incredible golden investigator who came to church this past week and it was already his third time and he hadn't even met with missionaries!! We set a baptismal date with Duncan for the 4th of March!!

Tuesday we had zone meeting and it's a whole new zone and it was awesome. But it was cold and rainy and windy and wet and we rode there for 45 minutes. THEN we had to go to Yingge, which is the other half of our area and its about 45 minutes away from our house, so we had to drive 45 minutes back to our house THEN to Yingge in the rainiest, coldest, windiest weather ever and yes it was awful and terrible but we made it!! 

New Zone!
Well then we met with Bob...and he broke our hearts and got really insulted that we wanted to read the Book of Mormon with him, like "I'm a scholar I can do it on my own" kinda thing. So that was sad. We biked all the way there to get our hearts broken. Then we visited an LA Joy and her dad is hospitalized...well in a hospital bed that is in their living room and theres a canopy hanging from the ceiling surrounding him and its super weird. 

Then we had to go home to Bade and PUSH our bikes up this ENORMOUS hill (push because my bike's gears were broken and I couldnt switch to a lower gear) and it was pouring and dark and cold but we sang "I'll make a Man out of You" from Mulan and it made us feel super legit. 

Wednesday was the worst day hands down of my mission ever. Yep. Haha it was basically just the weather...and a lot of other things haha. So just picture the windiest, coldest day ever then picture rain pouring down from a side angle so it hits you in the face and then imagine wearing a skirt riding a bike against the wind and wearing 5 layers to stay warm and a raincoat that doesn't even cover the skirt so you're soaking wet was a BLAST haha. So there's the weather....and then we went to an investigator's house and she just basically had a change of heart for the worse and was insulting our church and broke up with us :( 

Then we got fanged gezi 4 times...or like stood up for our appointments...or cancelled. FOUR TIMES. Then we were fed dinner but it was goat meat and my stomach started hurting. Then we went to English class - and my class AND Sister Kunzler's class didn't' have students!!! We were just like oh my goodness. Hahaha its pretty funny looking back at it now but it was rough!!
in 5 layers of clothes to try to stay warm...didn't work
Then we had a lesson at the church with a former investigator from 4 years ago...we thought it was just going to be the women but she brought HER WHOLE FAMILY!!!!!!!! two kids and her husband who has never even before had interest in meeting with missionaries!! The lesson went SUPER well despite the fact that we were unprepared to teach a family and we're meeting them again tomorrow!!

Hot Chocolate to lift our spirits and warm us up!
Thursday was pretty cool. I SAW ZHONG REN DE. Remember the investigator from GuiShan who looks like Jerry and was ready to get baptized in like 4 weeks and came to church and was super awesome??? The one who disappeared....I SAW HIM IN BADE ON THE STREET. I stopped my bike super fast...and was HEARTBROKEN to see him chewing binlang, smoking, and had a beer in hand. but let me tell you, he dropped it all SO fast when he saw me!!!!!!!! He said his phone didn't work but I gave him our number and told him to come to church. ugh that was a rough experience. 

BUT that night was an awesome miracle...even though another appointment cancelled on us, we went to randomly visit another family on their street, they previously had a baptismal date but never could meet and were never home. well, MIRACLE, they were home and let us in and we reset a baptismal goal - YAY!!! 江 family is awesome <3

Friday we woke up early to go to the stake center for zone conference with our whole zone and President Day!! SUCH a good meeting!!! My favorite part was Sister Day's training on love....I really have been feeling SO SO SO much love for everyone that we are working with and when I feel incapable of loving someone, I just know that Christ's love can fill me up and make up for my weaknesses. 

Also, I SAW JERRY!!!!!!!! ALSO....JOHN FROM ENGLISH CLASS GOT BAPTIZED. remember the punk John from english class who the elders didn't know what to do with him so me and Sister Branch taught him in English class? The guy who laughed at us for believing in God? HE IS BAPTIZED AS OF TWO WEEKS AGO IT'S A HUGE MIRACLE!!! I literally cant believe it still. 


Tao 2 Crew! With Jerry!
Saturday was incredible and miraculous. We had temple tours on Saturday, so of course it was like that. I have yet to go do temple tours and have it be anything short of phenomenal. So it started with our investigator 潘DiXiong who is getting baptized as soon as he can!! the 28th of this month we hope!! And guess who accompanied our tour?? SOFIA AND JERRY!!!!!!!!!!!! AND Chen zhanglao!!!!!!!!!! My first district leader in Taiwan was at the temple and he came with us!!!!!! Literally I cannot express how incredible this tour was!!! 

We also did a tour for 20 members about the importance of temple ordinances. I was really nervous and really wanted to do well so I was praying for the Spirit the whole time. Then of course it came. I was bearing testimony about the importance of families being sealed and I was overcome with the Spirit and started crying and I am just SO grateful that my parents were worthy to be married in the temple so that I can be with them forever. And now I have their example and know that I can do that too. The Relief Society President came up to me after and said she's been on a lot of temple tours, but this one was especially touching, like she'd never felt before. I love the Spirit and I am so grateful we got to be tools to help these members feel it!! 

The MuZha ward
Our wonderful Temple Tour helpers, Duncan and JJ!
The biggest miracle I think was when we had two tours at one time so we had to split and have "companions". One of our members from Bade, JJ, she's freaking amazing came and stayed with us ALL DAY and so she was Sister Kunzler's companion for the other tour. I did a tour for two girls from Mainland China where they have no religion. One of the girls told me that she has always believed in Christ even when people say she's crazy and she has never known anything about him but always believed. So we went through all the pictures and talked about Christ's life. Then we went over the Restoration and I gave them copies of the Book of Mormon and the same girl said she wanted to share it with her PARENTS!!! She said she's been searching for peace in her soul and she felt it that day. What an incredible opportunity I had to share the basic message of this gospel with people who otherwise have NO chance!!!! 

Aska, Sandra and Hu Jiemei

With 2 girls from China who love the Book of Mormon!

Duncan and JJ!
Then we had Duncan...oh Duncan. I literally cannot explain him. We had the tour and now he just doesn't have any doubts that it's true. He always says "He did SO much for me, suffered SO much for me, all I have to do is be baptized and follow commandments." And it's true. What we have been asked to do keeps us safe and happy and it's all that is asked of us in order to receive the greatest blessings we can imagine!!! We watched a video called "Lifting Burdens" and then the always amazing "Because of Him." and after it was over, he just said "I now know that this decision to be baptized is right. Before I was just willing to believe and open up my heart, but now I KNOW it's right. " OH MAN I AM SO BLESSED, AND WE HAVE SO MANY MIRACLES, ITS SO COOL!!!! Also, I saw Sandra and Aska and 胡 JieMei from Tao 1 too!!!!

Well as you can see, this week was INCREDIBLE. So lastly, I wanted to share a super special experience that I hope will be appreciated. This week I had this idea that I need to pray to love my Savior more. I thought it was strange at first. Like, I'm a missionary, of course I love Jesus Christ. But I prayer for it anyway. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel more love for Him, but I prayer for it anyway. Then Saturday, all of the tours we had, we felt like we needed to focus on the life of Jesus Christ and who He is. I got to bear my testimony of the Atonement and how it has affected my life 4 times that day. I got to share my knowledge of the Savior's life and how the miracles He performed so long ago still have relevance in my life today. And yesterday in church, I realized that this was an answer to my prayers. Because I gave all of my energy and soul to helping these people understand the Savior and His teachings, it gave me a chance to remember how much I really love and know my Savior. 

As I sat in sacrament meeting, I was so overcome with joy and gratitude that I was given the opportunity to help people learn of Christ and that it in turn gave me an opportunity to increase my love for Him, just like I had been praying to do. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know the details of the details of the details and I KNOW that to be true. This week I have had an increase of love and gratitude and because of that, it makes me work harder and care less about myself and truly work to become like my Savior. At first when I came on my mission, I still wanted the things that I left behind. But now, my heart is here in Taiwan and I want to be here forever. It's amazing how the gospel changes people. And I know it's true. I love you all so so so so much!!!!

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)
Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹

Super delicious ice cream, snow cone mango thing!

I love Sister Morris!

Sprite and Ice Cream Float - yum!

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