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WEEK 36: This is all about them.

That's how we roll
OK HI ANOTHER CRAZY AWESOME INSPIRING MAGICAL WEEK!! I went on exchanges this week with Sister Miller, our last exchanges together in the mission!! I've been on like 4 exchanges with her since we've been in the same zone my entire mission. AH I love her so much and she is so inspiring!!! She taught me to not want to be "better" because that means you are comparing yourself to someone else! We experienced lots of miracles, including finding a super amazing family and the mom let us in and let us pray with her and we talked about the Book of Mormon and she LOVED it!! Plus we only found these people because our back-up plan to our back-up plan cancelled for the night so we went knocking!!! Also the weather was beautiful and sunny:)

Sis. Miller
 Wednesday we met with the relief society president and she is AMAZING. We ate lunch with them, a solid meal of just BREAD, all different kinds. Haha super healthy.!! She actually had her cousin approach her and ask what our beliefs were, so we practiced with her how to invite her to church!! She felt the spirit and power of our message and started crying!!!  Then we visited Zhang BeiBei, he is 89 and retired from the military and he is THE CUTEST OLD MAN EVER!!! so fun to talk to this cute little spry old man...and he got baptized only 9 years ago!!! Seriously amazing!!!

Zhang BeiBei!
Friday we went to Yingge and did service for a returned missionary's grandma and cleaned windows and stuff. Then they fed us and we had BAKED POTATOES uhhhh so yummy:) first time eating that in Taiwan!!! Then we went to Huang Dixiong, the elder's investigator's, baptism!!! Duncan came and he loved it!! We met with Duncan after the baptism and we taught the Plan of Salvation. He read about how we come to this earth to learn to make choices and how it is up to us if we want to accept what Jesus teaches, and he just gasps and goes "IT'S ME!!" and started talking about how God is always by his side and that now that he is choosing to follow God's plan, God answers his prayers, even the smallest ones. He is INSANELY prepared. We told him if he wanted to get baptized on April 4th, he would have to meet with us like 5 times next week and we all were going to pray that he would have work off the next day so he could meet with us, but he said it wasn't likely at all. then....

Duncan took a picture of us with his phone
He calls us Saturday morning and says; I HAVE WORK OFF, I CAN MEET WITH YOU ALL DAY!!! And that was a HUGE miracle!!!! God wants this guy to get baptized! So Saturday was incredible because JJ, our amazing JJ, decided she wanted to be with us all day and be our third companion, riding around on Sister Hammer's old bike and being a full on missionary!!! So we were with JJ all day and we ate at a delicious steak house and it had a buffet of all sorts of every food and unlimited ice cream. 

Yellow Watermelon at the buffet!
JJ, our "new" third companion!

Then we met with Duncan and were with him from like 3pm-6:30 and ate dinner together and taught him the 3rd lesson and the commandments...literally he has no problem with anything and he understands it and his only problem is that he wants to get baptized SOONER. He always says that this is HIS church, this is where he belongs.  his faith and desire are INSANE. Then that night we went knocking with JJ and I saw this rough looking guy and i was like "I don't really want to talk to him, he won't want our message" but I talked to him anyway...turns out HIS LITTLE BROTHER IS 江dixiong!!!!! And he said his daughter would want to join our church!! Because I followed a prompting from the Holy Ghost, i was able to talk to someone who really needs this gospel and was super willing to learn more and pray and read the Book of Mormon!!!

黃弟兄's baptism
Then...SUNDAY. Sundays are always, no doubt, the most amazing, most stressful day of the week. I fasted on Sunday morning so that 江Family would come to church...they promise us every week, set 3 alarms, but NEVER wake up. And that Lin Jiemei would come to church. It's 9 o'clock and we only have Duncan at church. Then about 10 minutes later...IN WALKS IN LIN JIEMEI. It was a miracle. Then at the end of sacrament, we turn around and 江FAMILY IS SITTING IN THE BACK!!!!!! I can't fully express what a miracle this is, but they were there and I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers!!! Also, Judy from Tao 1 came to visit YAYY!!! We met with Duncan after church and he wore his CTR ring that we gave him and told us that he was prepared, that Heavenly Father prepared him to receive this gospel and that he is SO excited, he wants to get baptized AS SOON AS HE CAN. Literally I have never met someone so prepared, Duncan is just literally UNREAL. Imagine the most golden person, so ready to receive the gospel....then multiply it by 7 and THAT is Duncan. seriously. he has no issues with anything and thinks that the Word of Wisdom makes so much sense and that if everyone understood it, they would follow it. Crazy. 

Dinner at 林家庭's house
We went to visit a less active lady and her little boy is 8 and going to baptized next week...he told us his life goal is to honor and respect his parents and his favorite scripture is in Mosiah 13, the 5th commandment!! In his prayer, he said thank you for the Atonement of Jesus Christ so we can repent. WHAT 8 year old says that???? haha he is SO cute and he listens to Book of Mormon stories and primary songs for fun <3 Then that same day we were riding our bikes and the phone rang so Sister Kunzler stopped to answer it (which we normally wouldn't do) and I kept going then stopped a little bit ahead. I handed this girl a tract and told her what our message was about and she stops and goes "Can you tell me how people in your church pray? I've been praying the way my church teaches us to pray and I'm not getting any answers." I was like WHAT ok!!!! And she is going to come to church on Sunday and we're gonna get her baptized, no big deal:) 

I mean, literally Heavenly Father is DUMPING the blessings on us and leading all of these miracles our way and I just pray every day that I can be worthy of these miracles and take care of the people He is sending our way. Sunday night we called Pan Dixiong, who is getting baptized on his birthday April 11th and he said he took time yesterday and marked all of the scriptures that we send in our "scripture of the day" texts and he read them and he just said that he knows we need to read and pray every day because enduring to the end is not easy and we have to rely on Heavenly Father.  He is incredible and  the change in him has been mighty indeed. 

Lots of insight this week, but one of my favorite things that I have come to realize is that through my efforts of trying to love these people and teach them according to their needs and feel with them and love with them, THAT is why my Chinese is good and THAT is why I am able to understand this incredibly hard language. 

I read 1 Nephi 17:49 this week and it says  "And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto them that they should murmur no more against their father; neither should they withhold their labor from me,  for God had commanded me that should build a ship."

and what I got out of this is that we CANNOT hold back our efforts from God. We need to work with all of our labor and all of our might to serving God. 

What if I pass by one person because I am tired, and THAT is the person ready to be baptized? The man we met this week who said he wants us to meet with his family, he said that missionaries had always just passed him by. And WE were the ones to talk to this prepared soul. 

Who am I to stand in the way of God doing His work? I know that if we pray that there will be more of ourselves to give, Heavenly Father will help us give more of our labors and more of our efforts to His cause. As I pray for charity, everything gets better. I am loving these people and my heart is rooted in Taiwan. AHHH I can't explain how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.  Yes, it is HARD and painful and laborious and strange and tiring and exhausting, emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally, ALL of it. But it is worth it. So so so so worth it and I am now, like never ever before, making the choices that Heavenly Father wants me to make. And I love it. 

Sister Wright (Taiwan Taipei Mission)

Rèn Jiěmèi 任曼欣姐妹
Study time

My desk!

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